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Red Specter It S Strike And Counterstrike As John Dempsey Takes The Fight To The Russians In A Riveting Tier One Thriller By The Wall Street Journal Bestselling Authors Of American OperatorWhen Shadow Warrior And Former Tier One Navy SEAL John Dempsey Goes Undercover To Meet With A Vory Arms Dealer, He Thinks He S Laying The Groundwork To Penetrate The Russian Criminal Underground Instead, He Walks Into A Trap Orchestrated By Zeta, The Secret Russian Task Force Behind A Recent Assassination Attempt On The US President For Dempsey And His Team, The Only Way Out Is To Lay Waste To The Russians, Putting A Target On Ember S BackWith Ember Pitted Against Zeta, A Dangerous Game Of Strike And Counterstrike Ensues Sanctioned In The Halls Of The Kremlin And The White House But Disavowed To The World As The Line Between Espionage, Counterterrorism, And Spec Op Blurs, Ember Is Ordered To Eliminate Their Ultimate Adversary, Which Means Taking The Fight Against Zeta To Russian Soil But Like A Phoenix Risen From The Cold War Embers, Zeta Is Capable Than Anyone Imagines, And The Russians Retaliate With An Operation That Will Find Dempsey And Task Force Ember Battling For Survival

About the Author: Brian Andrews

Brian is a US Navy veteran who served as an officer on nuclear submarines He is a Park Leadership Fellow, holds a degree in psychology from Vanderbilt and an MBA from Cornell For 2016, Brian is the co author of two covert ops thrillers with Jeffrey Wilson TIER ONE Thomas Mercer published as Andrews Wilson, and BEIJING RED Crooked Lane penned under Alex Ryan www.andrews wilson.comSay hello on Facebook www.facebook.com andrewsandwilson.comwww.facebook.com brianandrewsauthor

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    Red Specter, the fifth in the Tier One series by two decorated veterans and talented authors, Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson A quick recap, the series started with Tier One 2016 In a world violated by terror, the old lines have blurred Meet the next generation of covert ops Followed by, War Shadows 2017 From the des

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    Another awesome book in the Tier One series by Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson John Dempsey is back with a vengeance A secret Russian task force out to stop Ember, and Ember, out to stop the Russian task force, the battle is on both Russian and American soil This book is an emotional roller coaster for fans of the series If y

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    I was fortunate to receive an advanced copy of Red Specter and I have nothing but great things to say about it This book has everything you want in a military thriller high level operators, clandestine units fighting it out against each other while racing against the clock, high level moles that need to be flushed out, and tons of acti

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    A continuation of a great series I have not had the chance to read all the series but have read two previous books and this is a good as the others Task Force Ember is a secret direct action wing reporting to the President and someone seems to know about them and is a playing a deadly game on the world stage to get their attention After several

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