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Return of the Beast Saved By An Immortal After An Attack By A Beast, Chris Avern Is Doomed To Carry That Beast Within Himself It Taints His Soul With A Darkness That Can Only Be Purged By Finding His Chosen Mate Now, As A Knight Of White, A Demon Fighter Caught Up In An Ancient War Between Good And Evil, Chris Must Battle The Soulless Darkland Beasts Intent On Reaking Destruction Upon Humanity Sent To Save The Hometown He Left Twenty Five Years Ago From An Onslaught Of Beasts, Chris Comes To The Rescue Of Ranch Owner Alexis Wright He Is Drawn To Alexis With A Demanding Passion That Nearly Overwhelms Him And He Recognizes Immediately That Alexis Must Be His Chosen Mate But, While He Knows Alexis Can Be His Salvation, He Is Torn By Conflict For To Draw Her Into His World, He Must Put Her Lifeand Her Soulin Unimaginable Danger Previously Published By Harlequin.

About the Author: Lisa Renee Jones

www.lisareneejones.com and she is active on Twitter and Facebook daily.

10 thoughts on “Return of the Beast

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    Two thumbs up Chris has the beast in him He must protect the innocent people from the beast trying to destroy humans Alexis is a struggling rancher in need of some serious help She gets that in the form of Chris Avery Now Chris must find away to save the ranch and Alexis s life.

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    Great for a short readThis installment answered one of the questions If been asking myself, if the beast were so plentiful why was there one one Knights of White base in TX When now we know there is not.

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    Good ReadLisa Renee Jones does it again This short novella had me wishing for a full novel Can t wait to read the next installment

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    Ryder pulled back to the bar where he became a Knight of White only 25 years ago he feels the presence of Beasts and hears an angel s voice his lifemate, AlexisAlexis father died 6 months earlier, leaving the horse ranch to her she struggles to keep the ranch going as she grieves she is at the bar to pull her friend Kelly away from a man who abuses her and she handle

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    I read this as part of a collection in a physical book not ebook and did not like it Here is my review of Awakening the Beast.This book almost got 2 stars from me, but two stories in there were good enough to tip it to 3 The problem The authors forgot they were short stories maybe So with a short story you don t have a ton of time for plot and it s usually all about the sex

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    Product DescriptionSaved by an immortal after an attack by a Beast, Chris Avern is doomed to carry that beast within himself It taints his soul with a darkness that can only be purged by finding his chosen mate Now, as a Knight of White, a demon fighter caught up in an ancient war between good and evil, Chris must battle the soulless Darkland Beasts intent on reaking destruction u

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    Very short continuation of the White Knight series in a Nocturne Bite It was good but too short Alexis runs a ranch that is losing livestock at an alarming rate A White Knight named Ryder comes to town and recognises her as his mate He realises that...

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    Nocturne Bite

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    I really like quick reads with an amazing story.

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    I like it, but the story could be longer.

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