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Rivals Break (Sharpe & Donovan #9) A Deadly Poisoning, A Stolen Painting And A Criminal Mastermind Challenge The Skills Of FBI Agents Emma Sharpe And Colin Donovan As Never Before In Their Latest High Stakes Case New York Times Bestselling Author Carla Neggers Has Crafted A Gripping Novel Of International Intrigue And Suspense Not To Be MissedEmma Sharpe Is Recovering From A Shattering Loss While Her Husband, Colin Donovan, Is Deep Into His Latest Undercover Mission So They Re Grateful To Enjoy A Peaceful Autumn Weekend Together On The Southern Maine Coast To Celebrate Colin S Brother Andy S Wedding But The Peace Is Short Lived When Kevin Donovan, A Marine Patrol Officer, Receives A Call To Check On Suspected Food Poisoning At A Party Aboard A Yacht Colin Decides To Tag Along He Is Surprised To Recognize One Of The Victims As An Undercover British Intelligence Officer, And It Quickly Becomes Evident They Re Dealing With Something Very Sinister At The Same Time A Valuable Painting By Irish Artist Aoife O Byrne A Friend Of Emma And Colin S Is Missing From The Yacht, And The Connections Make The Investigation International And Extremely PersonalEmma And Colin Discover They Are Up Against A Deadly Foe Who Plans To Strike Again With The Help Of HIT, Their Small, Elite Boston Based FBI Team, They Must Foil An Attack That Will Have Devastating Effects It S A Case That Will Alter Their Lives Beyond Anything They Ve Ever Imagined Hard to believe already book 9 in the Sharpe and Donovan series You could read this is a stand alone, you could read them all that way but why would you Each book adds flavor, enhances characters, and we meet and get to know plenty, not just Emma and Colin, who are the two main characters in the series This pretty much has it all, a cozy mystery, suspense, intrigue, family and such great characters in Maine and abroad I sure wouldn t mind Finnan sharing some of that whiskey he helped distill, and I don t drink whiskey Would love to walk the coast and see some of the paintings, Even with the twists and red herrings I was pretty sure who done it I was right but it was a great ride Thank you Carla Neggers for continuing this wonderful series, thank you Mira Books and Net Galley for the arc All thoughts and opinions are my own and were unsolicited. I really enjoy the Sharpe and Donovan series about the art theft expert FBI agent and her FBI undercover agent husband I don t know that you need to have read the previous books since there is a little background reminder given for each character That was helpful for me, but I suspect that it would still be confusing for someone coming to this novel without having read any of the earlier books There are too many characters and references to earlier plotlines.It s always necessary to suspend disbelief about how many crimes, particularly art related crimes can take place in the small Maine community where Sharpe and Donovan live, but just go with it The mystery starts out with food poisoning sickening the people on a yacht that had stopped at that town It then becomes clear that there is something going on when we learn that there is an MI5 agent undercover on the yacht There s a lot of back and forth about what might be going on and the mystery sucks you in I found the reveal to be pretty unsatisfying, but maybe that is because I prefer mysteries where there are clues within the novel leading up to the resolution rather than outside information thrown in right at the end But I still will snap up any Neggers novel and then stay up all night finishing it.I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book that I received from Netgalley however, the opinions are my own and I did not receive any compensation for my review. I have read this series from the beginning I loved the last book but not too sure about this recent installment I found it difficult to get into and the writing choppy I kept losing interest in the beginning but kept going as I loved the others in the series and am a Carla Neggers fan.About 3 4 of the way through, it all came together and for the rest of the book, I couldn t put it down Definitely don t recommend this as a stand alone as there are too many characters and too much backstory to be able to follow along I m giving this a 3 out 5, for the reasons I stated above However, when there are so many books in a series, they can t all be 4 and 5 stars I do look forward to the next one curious what will happen with Fin and Aiofe.Thank you netgalley and HARLEQUIN MIRA U.S and Canada for the eARC. Picking up the latest book in this series is like having a reunion with old friends All of your favorites make an appearance There is a lot going on in this one The mystery has many directions There are a lot of new developments with the characters I was shocked by the reveal, which I always say is the hallmark of a great mystery Worth the wait, this one is highly recommended This is the first Carla Neggers book I ve read There s lot of espionage and intrigue as the narrative flits back from Maine to Ireland A bunch of people become violently ill aboard a yacht and Colin, just home from an undercover assignment, accompanies his youngest brother to the investigation The story includes characters previously introduced in the series Readers won t be disappointed with the story Thanks to NetGalley for the advance read. Rival s Break by Carla Neggers has Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan once again involved in an unexpected mystery while being home in Rock Point, Maine for the wedding of his brother, Andy Love this series and the returning cast of characters Another great addition to the series Back visiting with old friends is what it feels like to read this latest in the Sharpe and Donovan series A good storyline kept me interested and guessing all through this one. When it is hot as heck outside and there is nothing cool to do but reading as everything else makes you end up a sweaty mess, it is the perfect day for a speed reader I received a temporary digital Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review From the publisher, as I do not repeat the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it as they do it better than I do A deadly poisoning, a stolen painting and a criminal mastermind challenge the skills of FBI agents Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan as never before in their latest high stakes case New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers has crafted a gripping novel of international intrigue and suspense not to be missed.Emma Sharpe is recovering from a shattering loss while her husband, Colin Donovan, is deep into his latest undercover mission So they re grateful to enjoy a peaceful autumn weekend together on the southern Maine coast to celebrate Colin s brother Andy s wedding But the peace is short lived when Kevin Donovan, a marine patrol officer, receives a call to check on suspected food poisoning at a party aboard a yacht Colin decides to tag along He is surprised to recognize one of the victims as an undercover British intelligence officer, and it quickly becomes evident they re dealing with something very sinister At the same time a valuable painting by Irish artist Aoife O Byrne a friend of Emma and Colin s is missing from the yacht, and the connections make the investigation international and extremely personal.Emma and Colin discover they are up against a deadly foe who plans to strike again With the help of HIT, their small, elite Boston based FBI team, they must foil an attack that will have devastating effects It s a case that will alter their lives beyond anything they ve ever imagined I am not sure if I have ever read any Carla Neggers books before but I think that after reading this one, I will need to The plot is tense and terse and wonderfully crafted you will find yourself holding your breath at times I sure did It is a mystery, a heist story and a thriller all in one read it and all of her previous eight books in the series This book is part of an ongoing series It has a good mystery with lots of twists and turns and has a surprising ending Well worth reading

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Carla Neggers is the New York Times bestselling author of the Sharpe Donovan series featuring Boston based FBI agents Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan, and the popular Swift River Valley series set in the small, fictional New England town of Knights Bridge With many bestsellers to her credit, Carla loves to write now as much as she did when she climbed a tree at age eleven with a pad and pen a

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