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Rotten Ralph Ralph, A Very, Very Nasty Cat, Finally Sees The Error Of His Ways Or Does He

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    falls in the category of scary 1970s ish entertainment for children like the dark crystal the illustrations are headache inducing acid art kind of like r crumb the kind of book you d read to your kid if you were the type to threaten them with abandonment at the orphanage when they re naughty.

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    A simplistic, predictable, and melodramatic story with a repulsive, evil looking main character, odd humor, and unappealing illustrations Sorry, not my cup of tea.

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    I decided to read Rotten Ralph today because of my Aunt Lois Today would be her birthday On one of her visits, we had this book checked out from the library, and she found it absolutely hilarious I can still hear her saying, You are rotten, Ralph So in memory of Aunt Lois, the kindest and most wonderful of aunts, here goes.Aunt Lois was right this is hilarious Ralph is the rottenest cat you can imagine Before you read a word of the story, y

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    How could I have taken so long to discover Rotten Ralph by Jack Gantos In 2006, Rotten Ralph celebrated its thirtieth anniversary To date, there are at least nineteen books about Rotten Ralph Moreover, Rotten Ralph had at one time been so popular, a thirty minute television show based on the characters aired for one year Yet this October is the first time I read this humorous tale.The story line of Rotten Ralph, the book for which Jack Gantos ga

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    This is the first story in the Rotten Ralph series by Jack Gantos and Nicole Rubel It explains how Rotten Ralph becomes only slightly less rotten I didn t really like this book, but our youngest loved it, so I suppose there s something about it that appeals to young children The narrative was irritating and depicts deplorable behavior The fact that he is just dumped off is sad, and ...

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    rediscovered this, reading to E, my childhood copy I love it just as much now So does E, she picks it regularly and has a little banter with Ralph and the characters and notices lots of fun details in the pi...

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    It was funny when Mummy stuck out her tongue like the camel, but we didn t like that Ralph got punished by getting locked in a cage and starved.

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    mischief, animal, friendship, family Would recommend for kindergarten.

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    I love these illustrations so much

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    This text introduces Rotten Ralph and Sarah to the early primary grades reader It explains in very simple terms that Ralph is Sarah s rotten cat, but Sarah loves him anyway When she practices ballet, he makes fun of her When she s swinging, he saws the branch off the tree that her swing is tied to He ruins her party by taking a bite out of every one of her cookies Ralph sits in her father s chair and blows bubbles out of his pipe During dinner he rides his bik...

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