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Ruthlessly Bedded by the Italian Billionaire Hiding From Her Past, Jenny Kent Has Been Using The Name Bella Rossini This Is The Chance Tycoon Dante Rossini Has Been Waiting For Holding Her Innocent Deception Against Her, Dante Forces Jenny To Return With Him To Capri If She S Pretending To Be A Rossini, She Ll Have A Public Role To PlayAnd Then There S The Private Arrangement Dante Is Ruthlessly Demanding

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    Fairly decent fairly typical HP He was not nearly as ruthless as the blurb makes him seem She was a nice girl, not a wimp but she went along with his plan because he convinced her that it was the best course The characterization of the heroine was particularly well done There were scenes from both the heroine s and the hero s POV He was a dece

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    A good read Jenny was a sympathetic heroine, kind and essentially honest We are given enough insight into her character to understand her motives for assuming the Rossini identity and going along with Dante s plan I liked how she wasted no time in being honest with Dante about her true identity, and how nice she was with Marco, Dante s grandfather In co

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    This was a touching story Jenny Kent woke up in the hospital, and everyone was calling her by her friends name She was heartbroken to find out her friend had passed away She didn t correct anyone Jenny didn t seem any harm in taken her friends name just until Jenny had time to recover from her injuries Dante Rossini was asked by his grandfather who was dying to f

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    To me this was a rather empty story It was lovely that Dante and Jenny wanted to make Marcos last days happy ones, even though Dante was blackmailing Jenny But still there was something lacking As for the last chapter WHAT Was this an afterthought to make up the pages. One thing that wasn t answered for me was the identity theft.how did they yet around it, Jenny was living

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    Troppi intrighi e poco rosa in questo incipt Sar per un altra volta.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Cerita dibuka dgn Jenny terbaring di rumah sakit, ternyata dia baru aja kecelakaan, dan udah ga sadarkan diri selama 2 minggu, ketika dia terbangun susternya manggil dia Ms.Rosini, padahal itu bukan namanya, sedangkan nama temannya, temannya meninggal dunia ketika kecelakaan itu terjadi.Kenapa bisa dia yang disang

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    Way to break my heart, I m bawling my eyes out here A heart warming obviously also heartbreaking read, where the title and back cover copy don t really do it justice While the hero is a steamroller, he s not a total asshat Of course, everything is relative Part of the November Harlequin Presents bundle on Kindle.

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    this has to be the smoothest HP novel ever,in that the blackmail is almost gentle There is hardly any angst and it works alright although I never really felt there was much to resolve, which in a way, is a nice change I do agree though that the ruthless aspect of the title is not quite apt in describing the type of book this is.

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