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Secrets of the Shipyard Girls Sunderland 1941 As The War Drags On, The Shipyard Girls Find Themselves Facing Their Own Battles.Gloria Is Over The Moon With Her Bundle Of Joy, But Hope S First Weeks Are Bittersweet Gloria S Love, Jack, Is Still Missing At Sea, And With Their Future As A Family So Uncertain, Gloria Must Lean On Her Girls To Get Her Through.Meanwhile, Head Welder Rosie Has Turned Her Back On Love To Keep Her Secret Life Safe But Her Persistent Beau Is Determined To Find Out The Truth And If He Does, It Could Ruin Her.And There Is Finally A Glimmer Of Hope For Polly And Her Family When Bel And Joe Fall In Love But It Isn T Long Until Family Secrets Threaten To Pull Them All Apart.As The Shipyard Girls Face Hardships At Home, Their Work And Their Friendship Helps Pull Them Through.

About the Author: Nancy Revell

Nancy Revell is the pseudonym of Amanda Revell Walton a writer and journalist that has worked for all the national newspapers, providing them with hard hitting news stories and in depth features She has also worked for just about every woman s magazine in the country, writing amazing and inspirational true life stories Nancy has recently relocated back to her home town of Sunderland, Tyne and We

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    Secrets of the Shipyard Girls is the third in the Shipyard Girls series by Nancy Revell Set in the industrial town of Sunderland in 1941, the story so far has followed some very brave, fearless and incredible women as they work in a male dominated job during war time As so many men have left England to fight for their country, women have stepped up to the plate and taken over where needed None so than the women in this book who have become like friends to me as they help to build the ships nee

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    Another good read in this series follows on clearly and passed a few enjoyable hours Waiting for the next one You can feel yourself living with these girls.

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    I really enjoyed the twist and turns of this book now to start book 4

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    This is the third in the bestselling series featuring the Shipyard Girls The first two books in the series are called The Shipyard Girls , which was released in 2016 and Shipyard Girls At War , which was released earlier this year 2017 I loved both of the first two books and so I knew that I would love this episode of the saga.This review is going to be slightly different to my usual reviews as I am going to include some of my lovely Mam s thoughts too We both love this series In fact, when Secrets Of The Shipya

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    Secrets of the Shipyard Girls by Nancy Revell is the third novel in The Shipyard Girls series We return to 1941 in Sunderland England where the ladies are continuing their welding work at J.L Thompson Sons Shipyard despite Helen Crawford s attempts to break up their group Gloria just loves her little girl, Hope but she is worried about Jack It has been three weeks since his ship went down off the coast of Ireland Dorothy loves her role as godmother to Hope and presses Gloria to have her christened Rosie is busy with w

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    I am back with the girls at the Sunderland Shipyard, welding their way through the Second World War This is the third in the series of books and I recommend you read the previous two so you can understand the characters and background a lot .Rosie is still in charge of this eclectic mix of women, but she is having troubles of her own She knows that some of her past is behind her but it is her present which is causing the problems Especially when it means she can no longer see the man, Peter she was walking out with Peter on

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    An excellent follow on from the shipyard girls,the characters are amazing and look out for one another and have fun during hard times To read of their lives and families during such a bleak time i felt as if i was there sharing in the fun and sadness.I can highly recomend this book well worth 5.

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    This is the third book in the Shipyard girl series and they keep getting better as you get to know everyone like old friends I would recommend reading the others in the series so that you feel as though you are stepping back amongst friends.We have a new baby, romance, heartache in abundance and the wonderful friendships Some of ...

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    Hope What a truly inspirational book I love all the shipyard girls Rosie and her welders Lily and George but Gloria little hope and Jack were outstanding can t wait for the next instalment what can you give only 5 stars will do for a wonderful author x

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    This series is fast becoming my favourite go to saga series I just love catching up with the girls, they feel like old friends, you know and love I don t have any particular favourite which is rather unusual for me But it is because they are all so unique and complement each other so well The opening of this novel is the perfect example The novel opens with Dorothy and Gloria enthralled in a good old fashioned gossip This enables us the reader to get an insight into all the goings on since where we left off in book 2 Shipyard Girls At war Baby hop

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