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Seek and Find KILLER HEADLINE Reporter Madison Coles Wants To Write An Expos On The Crime Spree Rocking Desert Valley, Arizona But The Small Town S Residents And Police Are Tight Lipped Even When Madison Herself Is Attacked, The Only Help She Can Get Is Protection From Rookie K 9 Officer James Harrison And His Trusty Bloodhound Suspicious Of The Reporter S Motives, The Handsome Cop Keeps Her At Arm S Length But The Madison S Life Is Threatened, The Focused She Is On Finding The Truth And The Closer She Gets To James Can He Help Her Find The Story Without Them Both Ending Up In The Obituary Pages Rookie K 9 Unit These Lawmen Solve The Toughest Cases With The Help Of Their Brave Canine Partners Talk about a book that grabs your attention and you do not want to put down Reporter Madison Coles and rookie K 9 officer James Harrison both seek truth, but their jobs are different Madison is affected by her past, being raised by a loving father who evidently kidnapped her and her sister after killing their mother James past involves another reporter who shattered his family because of false accusations Someone repeatedly tries to kill Madison, and James job i Oh my goodness, this is such a fun book I love Dana Mentink s sense of humor and it was out in full force in Seek and Find And it can basically be summed up in one word Hawk.Hawk, the rookie K 9, stole the show And every scene he was in And even some scenes he wasn t in Yanking whoever happens to be holding his leash wherever he wants them to go Always on the prowl for any food left within easy access Or something to chew on He s not overly picky.But he IS a darn good tracker And if all the rookie K 9s in his unit are as skilled as Hawk, the Desert Valley PD is in good hands uhh paws.Seek and Find will have you smiling and chuckling, for sure, but it will also find you biting your nails in suspense or swooning at the deliciously sweet romance A fantastic mystery with unexpected twists and turns, danger around every corner, and a sleepy town full of people you aren t sure you can trust Oh, and did I mention the romance And the humor Seek and Fin I am loving the Rookie K 9 continuity series, from both the 4 legged and 2 legged officers, to the suspense mystery, mayhem and danger This is James Harrison and his partner Hawks story, the bloodhound referred to as a nose with a dog attached I have enjoyed other stories by Dana this one is no exception She laces her own quirky sense of humor within the pages, especially when it comes to describing Hawk There were quite a few places I had to chuckle out loud The dog still has quite a few things to learn, and has had many re training sessions He still chases squirrels, chews up furniture, drools his delight on his partner and anyone else he likes and howls his complaint when he thinks it s his dinner time But his nose does an excellent job when it comes to tracking down criminals, sniffing out drugs, or finding Madison As for officer Harrison, he s handsome, dedicated to his job and has a problem with reporters since one in the past ruined his family His mistrust keeps him from opening his heart to ANY woman, especially Little Red reporter Madison Coles Assigned to protect her while the killer is still loose, I discovered Dana Mentink s writing last year and she is an author I intend to follow Everything I ve read of hers has been just top notch Christian romance or Christian romantic suspense, it s all great.Reporter Madison Coles wants to write an expose on the crime spree rocking Desert Valley, Arizona, but the small town s residents and police are very tight lipped Madison gets attacked and the only help she can get is from rookie K 0 officer James Harrison and his trust bloodhound, Hawk The cop is suspicious of Madison s motives and keeps her at arm s length But her life is threatened than once, and she is even determined on finding the truth Can James help her get the story she wants without them both ending up dead Dana starts the book off drawing the reader in and it doesn t let up at all I was immediately immersed in the action, trying myself to figure out the culprit, all to no avail When she reve

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