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Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales In A Kingdom Far Away, There Lived Cursed Princes, Warrior Women, And Powerful Heroes This Three Book Collection Features Sexy Adult Retellings Of The Classic Fairy Tales Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, And Sleeping Beauty The Traditional Heroes Have Become Heroines, The Heroines Have Become Heroes, And Nothing Is As It Seems What The Queen Wills In This Steamy Tale Of Seduction, Liberation, And Intoxicating Strangers, Even The Humblest Of Peasants Has A Shot With The Queen If She So Wills Hunting Red This Mature Romance Involves Valiant Swashbuckling, Stormy Love Making, And A Villain You Ll Want To Sink Your Teeth Into Breaking The Curse Raven S Royal Mate This Sexy Adult Retelling Of Sleeping Beauty Involves Light Bondage, Drunken Sorcerers, And A Love Strong Enough To Defy Magic. I have read other takes on fairy tales and did not like them at allI am so happy to have been given this book for free It was great I loved the the stories were reversed and so very naughty They were a blast to read Characters were fun and well written The plots were truly re imagined W

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