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Shylock is my Name Shylock Is My Name Free Author Howard Jacobson Capitalsoftworks.co.uk In Shakespeare S The Merchant Of Venice, Merchant Antonio Borrows From The Jewish Moneylender Shylock, To Help Fund His Friend Bassanio S Wooing Of The Beautiful, Prized Portia Antonio, Who Makes No Attempt To Hide His Loathing Of Shylock, Usury And Everything Jewish, Must Promise In Return A Bond Of A Pound Of His Own Flesh Should He Not Be Able To Repay The Debt When Antonio S Ships Are Lost At Sea, It Becomes Clear He Won T Be Able To Service His Debt The Case Is Heard At Court Antonio Must Honour His Promise Until An Unknown Lawyer Arrives, Talking Of Mercy, And Picks The Case Apart.Howard Jacobson Takes Shakespeare S Great Tale Of Vengeance And Cruelty And Propels It Through Space And Time To The Shiny Modern World Of Cheshire S Golden Triangle We Start Off In A Cemetery, Where A Fedora D Shylock Is Tending To His Wife Leah S Grave From There, We Meet A Funny, Confrontational, Original Cast Of Characters Very Much From Our Own World, Who Also Embody And Confront Some Of Shakespeare S Most Urgent Questions And Themes.

About the Author: Howard Jacobson

Profile of Howard Jacobson in The New York Times. The book s appeal to Jewish readers is obvious, but like all great Jewish art the paintings of Marc Chagall, the books of Saul Bellow, the films of Woody Allen it is Jacobson s use of the Jewish experience to explain the greater human one that sets it apart Who among us is so certain of our identity Who hasn t been asked, What s your background and hesitated, even for a split second, to answer their inquisitor Howard Jacobson s The Finkler Question forces us to ask that of ourselves, and that s why it s a must read, no matter what your background David Sax, NPR.

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    Dear Woody Allen,Please make this brilliant revision of Merchant of Venice into a film You can play Strulovich but cast Charles Dance as Shylock.Love your work,LynThis was brilliant The Hogarth Shakespeare series commissioned modern writers wit

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    Shylock is My Name is a book I have been pining to read since I heard about it And it did live up to my expectations even though it was absolutely nothing like I was expecting it to be The writing style at the beginning completely threw me It was li

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    Firstly I am VERY glad I listened to Shylock Is My Name on audio The narrator was very English, very nicely spoken and gave emphasis to all the right words He helped me stay on track whereas left to myself I probably would have read too fast and lost the m

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    DNF 43% I d read Jacobson s three most recent novels and liked them all well enough He s certainly your go to author if you want a witty discussion of the modern Jewish persecution complex I think the problem with this one was that I wasn t sure what it wanted t

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    This is a book I ve wanted to read for a long time, although I didn t realize it was part of the Hogarth Shakespeare project to commission modern novelists to retell Shakespeare.Howard Jacobson has plucked forth Shylock, breathed new life into him, and given him anoth

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    Great book equally thought provoking, challenging and entertaining It certainly helps if you have at least some familiarity and understanding of Shakespeare s The Merchant of Venice and I suspect those of us who don t, might be find this book somewhat perplexing to say the

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    Edit 28 February I m dropping this rating down to one star because I m still angry at it.Shylock Is My Name is Howard Jacobson s addition to the Hogarth Shakespeare series, and I felt it to be such a let down after reading Jeanette Winterson s The Gap of Time I read Jacobson s J

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    This is an intelligent, informed and brilliantly written engagement with Merchant it approaches the play thematically rather than strictly following the plot line although there s lots of that, too and manages to be both inside and outside the play at the same time In a bold move, Jaco

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    This book really made me laugh I don t often laugh out loud at books, especially not on a plane surrounded by strangers But I did while reading this.I have read reviews that complain of Jacobson showing off in this book, that seem to think it is just about the author showing how well he thin

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    Strulovitch found his guest in the garden when he woke It was still early And Cold He was wearing his overcoat, with a black scarf over his shoulders to Strulovitch s eye not unlike a prayer shawl and was sitting on his Glyndebourne stool talking to Leah A few remaining droplet of dew sequinne

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