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Soldiers of Paradise (The Starbridge Chronicles, #1) Where The Seasons Last For Generations, Winter Is A Hard Time Suited To Hard Religion The Theocratic Starbridge Caste Consider Themselves Virtuous Wardens In A Sinners Purgatory, Reading Infant Cries And Birthmarks To Judge The Unpunished Crimes Of Previous Incarnations On The Battlefield, All But Nobility Are Denied Medicine And Anaesthetic Only The Antinomials Have Endured Winter Outside This Oppressive Social System People Without Language, Eaters Of Meat, They Are Being Driven From Their Lands In The North To Seek Sanctuary Against The Very Belly Of Their Tormentors, In The Slums Of The Great Capital City Of Charn Here A Starbridge Doctor And A Drunken Prince Begin A Dangerous Experiment In Compassion That Will Soon Demand Heavy Sacrifices, Just As The People Brace For Spring, With Its Flammable And Suffocating Sugar Rain

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    Paul Park is reallyof a literay writer, I think He s a wonderful fellow to talk to, and very literate He uses fantasy and SF

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    This book is another of my random secondhand book selections, and I was pleasantly surprised I have made it a goal to readfantasy, and

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    Not an easy read for me..but worth the effort..has some great characterization full of anti heros who evolve dramatically as their stories and c

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    I read Soldiers of Paradise for the first time 20 years ago I just read it again and am happy to say it still holds all the same beauty and mystery as it

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    i don t think i could really tell you what this book was about i didn t really care for the characters, Paul Park definitely does not give you any kind of pay off w

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    Park s Starbridge Chronicles are an amazing example of literary science Fiction The fictional world is as rich as Dune with its detailed culture and religion The society has

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    I hope to have asubstantive review soon, but for now all I can say is this really blew me away.It s my first Paul Park, and I m pretty damned excited to see what else he s done Dense,

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    A Truly Wondrous StoryOne of the strangest and most lovely books I ve ever read, Soldiers of Paradise is a rare gem, a truly alien world, but one that makes you feel a depth and breadth of human

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    I remember nothing about this book, apparently.

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