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Solo As some who has never read a 007 novel or spy novels in general This was my first book that I read, about the famous double agent Before that, I only knew him through movies, played by 6 different actors in the main role.Before i share my thoughts on the book.I would like to mention that this book is set in the 60s, the Connery era.Where it s a tactical spy story with some actions here and there.So if you were expecting something like, Brosnan or Craig 007 movies then, this book is not for you.That being said, what did I think about the book Positives I thought it was a very enjoyable, engaging, and interesting novel to read With surprising twists and turns that you may or may not see it coming.Negatives Bond did 2 things during the first 30 pages that I thought were really stupid When it s all wrapped up, there is one character that left me wondering, what was his her role in all of this.Overall despite it s flaws I real I think it s important to remember when a new Bond book comes out that this isn t, and never will be, an Ian Fleming Bond book What Faulks did with his writing as Ian Fleming was a nice gimmick for want of a better phrase, but i ve always felt that the continuation of the Bond franchise in book form always works best when authors put their own spin on the writing style If anything, it s a little bit like a comic book series, writers, artists and inkers all come and go, but the comic book character lives on, is instantly recognisable, but is always slightly different in each run.Following Amis, Gardner, Christopher Wood, Benson, Higson, Faulks and Deaver, Boyd takes on the new story for James Bond and manages to achieve only what few of the authors preceding him have done, created a brand new Bond story which is undoubtedly the character that Fleming created, but in an original story which is a real page turner.From the first chapter right through to the story s conclusion, I found this to be a really enjoyable book and a magnificent example of a Bond story Sure 5 stars is completely over the top when comparing it to other books even Boyd s own , but It Is 1969 And James Bond Is About To Go Solo, Recklessly Motivated By Revenge.A Seasoned Veteran Of The Service, 007 Is Sent To Single Handedly Stop A Civil War In The Small West African Nation Of Zanzarim Aided By A Beautiful Accomplice And Hindered By The Local Militia, He Undergoes A Scarring Experience Which Compels Him To Ignore M S Orders In Pursuit Of His Own Brand Of Justice Bond S Renegade Action Leads Him To Washington, D.C., Where He Discovers A Web Of Intrigue And Witnesses Fresh Horrors.Even If Bond Succeeds In Exacting His Revenge, A Man With Two Faces Will Come To Stalk His Every Waking Moment. The book opens with a chapter where Bond looks back on the first time where he as a young soldier in the aftermath of the invasion in Normandy 1944 for the first time faces death And is actually fine reading and shows a promise for the book.Then 007 gets shipped of the Africa where he is supposed to end a civil war by taking out the leader of one of the parties involved It all goes of course horrible wrong and Bond ends up being terrible hurt The 2nd part of the book is Bond going solo on a one man mission to avenge his wounds and the awefull behaviour of a mercenary and his boss.I really wanted to like this book due to some of the extreme critism I did read on some Bondfora, and re adress the attitude that Fleming never did write as bad as Boyd did And perhaps it would be honest to admit that while Boyd is a good writer he has shown with this novel that he lacks the writing skills to write a convincing 007 novel.Knowing that mr Boyds roots were in Africa I expected some of the brutality that would reign there in a civil conflict in an oil rich country We get a rather boring travel through an African country in conflict Having read the writings of the French novelist G rard de Villiers I always adm It s 1968, and James bond, turning 45 years old, is sent into a dirty war in Africa.This is not the James Bond that Fleming wrote about Rather, it s boring guy having a mid life crisis The villain isn t strong enough to hold any sort of interest It s like a 1970 s moral equivalence type novel. Published 08 10 2013Author William BoydRecommended for fans of action booksWilliam Boyd is a very good and talented author and I think he did a brilliant job with this book It was compeling, keeps your attention, the storyline is also very good I think that people who enjoy the original Ian Fleming James Bond books will enjoy this book as well As I love James Bond I was abit So, James Bond heads to a small war torn African republic Fair enough What s the point in William Boyd writing a Bond novel if he doesn t do the stuff which interests him It s 1969 and Bond is sent to Zanzarim, a fictional country caught up in a drawn out civil war Oil has been discovered and it s up to Bond to bring this conflict to a swift conclusion From there we have double agents, triple agents, psychotic South African mercenaries, mistaken identity, drugs, torture and some good old fashioned James Bond brutality This is the tired Bond of The Man with the Golden Gun , the same version that Sebastian Faulks explored in Devil May Care I really must read Colonel Sun , Devil May Care and Solo back to back one quiet fortnight, just to see if there are any allusions and jokes which link them all It opens with Bond s 45th birthday and from there it s a late sixties spectacular but one experienced by a middle aged man So Bond is happy with the latest fashions if it means the women don t wear bras, but he s a little befuddled by the new cars and sounds and you get th Boyd is in many ways a natural choice to produce a new instalment in the Bond series He has written good quality spy stories of his own, and also has a track record of novels set in exotic locales He doesn t disappoint here In fact, this was a great deal better than I d expected.Saying that, the main problem is not so much the plot but the storytelling This isn t a thriller by any means as it lacks urgency Not uneventful, but with little incident and almost no action until the halfway mark Scenes occur so we can revisit them once something happens Without a proper mission or megalomaniac to hunt the pace flags.Fleming s cardinal rule borrowed from pulp fiction was keep the plot flying and they won t see the plot holes Here they appear cavernous, as chapters end with little coercing you to start the next Without head to head showdowns over cards cars golf, 007 wilts amid a conspiracy The girls and henchmen are well characterised but fail to loom large.In fairness the twists are good and it s an eas Bond is sent to Zanzarin to help end the civil war in the Africa country.Boyd really captures the essence of Flemings original novels, both in Bond s character and the tone of the writing.Both London and the fictional Hmm.It s not that I didn t like this book it s well plotted and the writing is perfectly competent it s that it turns out I really don t like James Bond.This came as something of a shock I ve always enjoyed the films, especially Skyfall, starring the immensely talented Daniel Craig Bond is glamorous, witty, strong, loyal, balletically violent, looks great in a tux everything I could want in an action hero The thing is, though, is that, with a movie, you re carried along by the spectacle You are invited to enjoy, and then, a couple of hours later, to basically forget all about it Action flicks don t invite you to reflect on the psychological realities of a life of sustained violence They don t bring you inside the protagonist s head, or confront you with the effects of a life devoid of meaningful personal relationships Solo does all of these things It s not pleasant James Bond is basically a humourless, misogynist, substance abusing psychopath I did not enjoy being in his head or seeing the world through his eyes I did not find him attractive or admirable in any way His disassociation from humanity is chilling, and the paranoid lies he tells himself to justify his self induced isolation are creepy The title is well chosen Bond is utterly alone.The really disturbing thing is that the Bond of the movies and the Bond of this book are actually one and the same at no point does Willia

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