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Some Kind of Fairy Tale Acclaimed Author Graham Joyce S Mesmerizing New Novel Centers Around The Disappearance Of A Young Girl From A Small Town In The Heart Of England Her Sudden Return Twenty Years Later, And The Mind Bending Tale Of Where She S Been, Will Challenge Our Very Perception Of Truth.For Twenty Years After Tara Martin Disappeared From Her Small English Town, Her Parents And Her Brother, Peter, Have Lived In Denial Of The Grim Fact That She Was Gone For Good And Then Suddenly, On Christmas Day, The Doorbell Rings At Her Parents Home And There, Disheveled And Slightly Peculiar Looking, Tara Stands It S A Miracle, But Alarm Bells Are Ringing For Peter Tara S Story Just Does Not Add Up And, Incredibly, She Barely Looks A Day Older Than When She Vanished.Award Winning Author Graham Joyce Is A Master Of Exploring New Realms Of Understanding That Exist Between Dreams And Reality, Between The Known And Unknown Some Kind Of Fairy Tale Is A Unique Journey Every Bit As Magical As Its Title Implies, And As Real And Unsentimental As The World Around Us.

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    A fairy taleon the other hand, demands of the reader total surrender so long as he is in its world, there must for him be no other W.H Audenthis is the epigraph which opens chapter three of joyce s novel, and it is a good place to start this is a deceptively immersive type of storytelling, one which c

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    Some Kind of Fairy Tale is a fantasy set in modern times Peter is a farrier shoes horses and fixes small, metallic things He has a lovely wife and four beautiful children He also has a sister whom he hasn t seen for nearly twenty years, presumed dead Imagine his surprise, when she shows up at their parent s hom

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    Some Kind Of Fairy Tale is partly set in an Other World a disturbingly fecund and pagan world inhabited by creatures of myth Or is it We are drawn to this other world, alongside the main character, by means of a series of images and archetypes as old as myth itself Or are we The Outwoods is a hundred acres of oak, rowan and

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    3 stars There is a veil to this world, thin as smoke, and it draws back occasionally and when it does we can see incredible things This, my second Graham Joyce novel, forced me to ponder what is reality and what is fantasy Is there really a veil to the world that is drawn back, or do we have to use our own power and suspend our ow

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    This book was a bit of an emotional ride I knew Graham and liked him, and his death at such a young age came as quite a shock to me For that reason I d been putting off reading SOME KIND OF FAIRYTALE, but now that I have, it seems only fair to say that it s a marvellous story subtle, nuanced and intelligent, filled with resonance and wonder and dar

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    Even after finishing Some Kind of Fairy Tale I have managed to hold on to the feeling behind the book which is a true testament to the power of Mr Joyce s ability to create mood and character This was my first Joyce book and it came highly recommended by a dear friend and trusted reader and I am so glad that I picked it up and got to experience the exquisite

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    My Number 9 Read for 2015 A Wonderful Surprise 5 Stars I picked this book up on a whim The premise sounded rather interesting and I thought it was worth a shot That said, there was little trepidation as I realized the book contained magical realism My experience with this have ranged from great examples in the work of Jos Saramago to painful uses in drivel such as, Th

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    A few minutes after I finished the book I gave it a 4 star rating on Goodreads, after sitting for a while and thinking it over I had to switch it down to a 3 star rating First let me say this I read the book in less than 12 hours I was engrossed from page one until the end, my favorite chapters were those from Tara s pov, the ones telling her tale of what happened to her and th

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    I ve never heard of Graham Joyce before, but I plan to read of his work I loved this book Not perfect, some flaws near the end but that is subjectively based on my own feminine needs , but so inventive and original It was very hard to put this down Fans of Tana French s In the Woods will enjoy this too Very British, heavy on place set near some mysterious ancient woodlands over a volcan

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    Graham Joyce has just become an author that I will be following This story of a Tara Harris, teenage girl who disappeared in the woods only to return home virtually unchanged twenty years later has totally captured my heart For two decades, her family and her lover have grieved and their lives were indelibly altered by Tara s disappearance and yet now she returns telling a story that nobody can be

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