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Some Prefer Nettles The Marriage Of Kaname And Misako Is Disintegrating Whilst Seeking Passion And Fulfilment In The Arms Of Others, They Contemplate The Humiliation Of Divorce Misako S Father Believes Their Relationship Has Been Damaged By The Influence Of A New And Alien Culture, And So Attempts To Heal The Breach By Educating His Son In Law In The Time Honoured Japanese Traditions Of Aesthetic And Sensual Pleasure The Result Is An Absorbing, Chilling Conflict Between Ancient And Modern, Young And Old.

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    I enjoyed Some Prefer Nettles immensely If you appreciate or seek classic literarary fiction, Japanese novels, a well formed sentence and many of them over plot, ambiguous endings, complex family dynamics, imperfect marriages, and the sound of rain frogs on a summer s eve, you likewise ma...

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    We re in 1930 s Japan and one of the main themes of the book is how the people, the upper middle business class, anyway, feel torn between modern Japan with all its new western influence and traditional Japan The author tells us that to be foreign is to court unhappiness A ferry boat the main character travels on has a

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    By the early twentieth century Japan had for decades been pursuing a policy of industrialization Generally, this push toward modernization began with the Meiji Restoration of 1868 Now it s sixty years later, 1928, and we find ourselves near Osaka in the home of Kaname and Misako For a number of years they ve been trapped i

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    Cada bicho com seu gosto alguns preferem urtigas. Prov rbio japon s Este o quarto romance que leio de Tanizaki considerado uma das suas melhores obras, mas eu sou mais bicho de urtigasEntre representa es de um teatro tradicional japon s de marionetas, actua um casal j cansado um do outroj n o era poss vel o amor entre eles e,

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    Introduction Some Prefer Nettles

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    A fine novel I keep thinking of mixing clouds of smoke, with all of the intertwining and contrasting themes A theatre of contrasts I look forward to .

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    There is a lot of the grass is greener on the other side in this short little classic The question is what side of the fence is greener There is the west is best or go with the traditional Japanese culture, live life like modern Tokyo or be like the country hicks in Osaka, and stay married where t...

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    Tanizaki is one of the greats in Japanese literature and the only one that I know who was obsessed with how the West mixed with the old Japanese culture in its practice as well as its aesthetic The puppet theater in the novel is worth the price alone, but what is fascinating about this ...

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    From the first reading, I thought I remembered that the father in law and his mistress did the Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage, but I was wrong and they do a less arduous 33 holy places on Awaji Whoops.In Some Prefer Nettles Tanizaki gives us a charming 1930s couple, Kaname and Misako, who are dripping towards divorce They are thoroughly modern West

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    READ DURING THE DARKNESS A very touching and incredibly sad story of a disintegrating marriage Would elaborate but high levels of pharmacopeia at the time allows for little recall Million dollar idea Remake of Total Recall named Little Recall featuring the talents...

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