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Someday We Will Fly Maybe it s my fault I ve been reading too much WWII fiction lately I enjoyed this book, but after The Girl in the Blue Coat and Grenade, it lacked drive The premise was great I had no idea Jews evacuated to Shanghai but the focus meandered It was a refugee sto This book is really good, I really enjoyed it, I wish it had chinese characters in it though, it is hard to explain why I didn t like it. Warsaw, Poland The Year Is 1940 And Lillia Is 15 When Her Mother, Alenka, Disappears And Her Father Flees With Lillia And Her Younger Sister, Naomi, To Shanghai, One Of The Few Places That Will Accept Jews Without Visas There They Struggle To Make A Life They Have No Money, There Is Little Work, No Decent Place To Live, A Culture That Doesn T Understand Them And Always The Worry About Alenka How Will She Find Them Is She Still Alive Meanwhile Lillia Is Growing Up, Trying To Care For Naomi, Whose Development Is Frighteningly Slow, In Part From Malnourishment Lillia Finds An Outlet For Her Artistic Talent By Making Puppets, Remembering The Happy Days In Warsaw When They Were Circus Performers She Attends School Sporadically, Makes Friends With Wei, A Chinese Boy, And Finds Work As A Performer At A Gentlemen S Club Without Her Father S Knowledge.But Meanwhile The Conflict Grows Intense As The Americans Declare War And The Japanese Force The Americans In Shanghai Into Camps More Bombing, Death Can They Survive, Caught In The Crossfire Truly a heartbreaking account of a Jewish girl, most of her family having fled to Shanghai, the last place that will allow them entry I was not aware of Jews fleeing to Shanghai, and while they didn t jump from the fryin I really wanted to like this book It highlights a piece of history about which I knew very little and the story seems like a good idea It was just such a slog and I did not find the writing compelling. This is an amazing, well researched, and well written book about the immigration of Jews from Poland to Shanghai during World War II when China was occupied by the Japanese army Lillia, a fifteen year old girl, leaves Warsaw accompanied by her father and baby sister after having waited almost too far into the Nazi occupation for escape because her parents persisted in believing that fleeing was not necessary Sadly, Lillia s mother is left behind in a murky turn of events that resulted from a Nazi raid on the theatre where her parents were performing the circus act for which they were well known all over Europe Lillia s sister, who is delayed in acquiring speech, becomes her responsibility because her father finds work as a laborer, allowing them to afford a room and move out of the shelter They are destitute, as is most of the Jewish community in Shanghai, although there are some well off Jews that were expatriates prior to the beginning of the war Daily, Lillia practices handstands as a way of keeping her memories of her mother, dreaming of becoming an accomplished acrobat herself She befriends another immigrant girl, a Chinese boy, and one of the city s affluent Jewish girls Des Disclaimer I received this book from Viking Books Thanks All opinions are my own.Rating 4 5Publication Date January 22, 2019Genre Historical FictionRecommended Age 16 trigger warnings for sex trafficking abandonment Publisher Viking BooksPages 320 LinkSynopsis Warsaw, Poland The year is 1940 and Lillia is 15 when her mother, Alenka, disappears and her father flees with Lillia and her younger sister, Naomi, to Shanghai, one of the few places that will accept Jews without visas There they struggle to make a life they have no money, there is little work, no decent place to live, a culture that doesn t understand them And always the worry about Alenka How will she find them Is she still alive Meanwhile Lillia is growing up, trying to care for Naomi, whose development is frighteningly slow, in part from malnourishment Lillia finds an outlet for her artistic talent by making puppets, remembering the happy days in Warsaw when they were circus performers She attends school sporadically, makes friends with Wei, a Chinese boy, and finds work as a performer at a gentlemen s club without her father s knowledge.But meanwhile the conflict A book you can t put down I had no idea that 23,000 Jews had escaped to Shanghai during the Nazi Regime Lilia s story is one that could have happened with people much like the characters in this book Surviving and helping her family stay alive as a 14 year old girl was beyond scary, but she did it to the best of her ability The relationships she built with girls at school, her best friend Wei who was Chinese, and even her nightly job, all he Rachel DeWoskin it is historical fiction Some day we will fly talks about a 15 year old girl who lived in Poland with her family and then one day her parents were performing and the German soldiers came and raided there building and took her mother so they had to go to china without her even though she didn t want to leave her behind My favorite part of the book is when she meets a Chinese boy at the school she goes to The author of FOREIGN BABES IN BEIJING and BIG GIRL SMALL, Rachel DeWoskin, now brings a new novel to the stage SOMEDAY WE WILL FLY This novel captures an unknown moment in history during World War II and the Holocaust Jewish refugees in Shanghai.Before May 17th, 1940, Lillia s parents, Bercik and Alenka, were circus performers in Warsaw Lillia had a healthy younger sister, Naomi, and lived in a comfortable home with her family On May 17th, 1940, Lillia s whole life is turned over Because she is Jewish, her mother goes missing and is presumably dead and her comfortable home is gone when her father whisks both her and her sister away on a boat to Shanghai Although she s far away from the comforts of her home, Lillia fights to live again throughout immense struggle including malnourishment and sickness, heavy loss and a shortage of jobs and money The lack of money eventually leads Lillia to perform at a gentlemen s club without her father s knowledge To resist against her everyday struggles, she makes puppets reminding her of the good times back in Warsaw and creates a show with them She also becomes friends and develops a crush on Wei, a Chinese boy As World War II escalates further when America enters the war, Lillia imagines a better time and place so that she could continue living and not be just alive.SOMEDAY WE

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