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Stardance EPUB Stardance Author Spider Robinson First British And First Paperback Appearance Of This Expansion Of The Hugo, Nebula And Locus Poll Award Winning Novella Which First Appeared In Analog, March 1977 The Robinsons Went On To Create A Trilogy With The Sequels, Starseed 1991 And Starmind 1994.

About the Author: Spider Robinson

Spider Robinson is an American born Canadian Hugo and Nebula award winning science fiction author He was born in the USA, but chose to live in Canada, and gained citizenship in his adopted country in 2002 Robinson s writing career began in 1972 with a sale to Analog Science Fiction magazine of a story entitled, The Guy With The Eyes His writing proved popular, and his first novel saw print in 1

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    This review was initially written in 2012 It is not my birthday This is my birthday present to myself to review one of my favourite books by my all time favourite author It is made poignant by the last shuttle launch yeste...

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    Reading this book, than any other experience I ve had in my life, helped me understand why people hated hippies so much Every one of the main characters group of friends is a radical free loving zero g erotic dancer, and e...

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    J aime les livres qui parlent du futur des arts Et celui ci ne fait pas exception, m me si la danse n est pas vraiment mon expression artistique pr f r e.C est en fait une oeuvre en plusieurs partie.La premi re, la plus r ussie mon avis, met en sc ne une danseuse trop grande, trop pulpeuse, pour la danse sur Terre Par contre, dans l espace, sans gravit , elle devient authentiquement divine Et ses trois repr sentations en font l idole d un

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    Any future book written in 1977 is not only going to get a few things wrong, but have a very different sensibility Fortunately, this book is not handicapped by that, because of its focus on dance and music as a way to communicate with aliens When you think about that, it makes sense Our narrator is a cameraman and former dancer, contracted to record a series of zero g dances, who gets pulled into the attempt to talk to the glowing fireflies

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    In a visionary future of 1979, pot has been legalized, the penny has been abolished, Betamax won, and belt buckle calculators are a thing Could dancing save mankind and rule its destiny Stardance p216. Saturn s a hellacious big planet the biggest in the System if you don t call Jupiter a planetStard...

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    The signal work of this author and his wife.

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    3.5 stars interesting concept, Dancing in lower gravity space.

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    I was drawn to Spider Robinson after reading Variable Star It was remarkable on many levels The book was written by Spider Robinson after Robert Heinlein s death based on a newly discovered 14 page outline for the story One remarkable thing about the book was that it was recognizably a great Heinlein novel Another is that Joel Johnston is one of Heinlein s best characters The thing is that though a rough outline of the character was no doubt availab

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    2 starsSpider Jeanne Robinson s Stardance was first published in Analog in 1977 and won both the Hugo and the Nebula Awards for Best Novella It was up against Vonda N McIntyre s Aztecs, John Varley s In the Hall of the Martian Kings, Greg...

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    The kindle version is just the original novella That s less than a third of my autographed hardback edition which includes a section called Starseed but that isn t the story in the novel called Starseed It gets confusing.In any case, thi...

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