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Steampunk No Classic Work Lends Itself Better To Steampunk Illustrations Than The Time Machine, The War Of The Worlds, And The Country Of The Blind, Written By H.G Wells, Who Many Consider To Be The Father Of Steampunk Itself Wells S Tales Of Time Travel And Scientific Romance Is The Perfect Collection To The Steampunk Series Fans Old And New Will Be Delighted By Basic And Sumberac S Four Color Illustrations Spiked With Steampunk Machinery, Gadgets, And Fashion.

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    I picked up this edition for a group read of The Time Machine Since I had already read the book, albeit many, many years ago, I thought a steampunk version might add something It didn t really Basic s art is fine, if generic in its popular steampunk vagueness all machines are made of nothing but clockwork wheels, everyone wears

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    I ve read these stories The Time Machine, The War of the Worlds, and The Country of the Blind multiple times, and enjoyed them every single time I also think the moral lessons of these stories are under appreciated, and I m not even sure most people are aware The Country of the Blind exists, sadly Anyway, this particular version is my new

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    A really good example of the steampunk sub genre, it includes three previously unrelated stories the Time Machine, the war of worlds and the country of the blind , these stories do display the inherent flexibility of this kind of work.

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    I actually liked the idea for the collection Combining H.G Wells works with steampunk pictures sounds pretty awesome, and for the most part, it was I really liked the pictures If I was rating on the pictures alone, this book would score pretty high They were very pretty, and I really enjoyed seeing different parts of the stories come to life.It was also real

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    I highly recommend this book to fans of H.G Wells, as well as those who haven t read his work before The steampunk illustrations are absolutely amazing and bring the story to life in a vivid way The oversized hardcover is a beautiful in itself, it would be fantastic as a gift I think kids would be interested in reading this book as soon as they see the cover They woul

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    Love the addition of these illustrations I preferred those for War of the Worlds over The Time Machine.

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