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First A Power Surge At Diablo Canyon, Then Worldwide Accidents At Nuclear Stations Result In Lost Lives In California, Antinuclear Demonstrations By Environmentalists Threaten Sabotage And Violent Civil UnrestThe Stony Man Teams Probe The Surge Of Accidents, Uncovering An Explosive Combination A Red Chinese Satellite, A New Age Politician And A Race To Control A New Power Source But Even As The Field Teams Close In On Their Quarry, A Satellite Orbiting In Space Targets A Major American Nuclear Plant Sunflash

About the Author: Don Pendleton

Don Pendleton was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, December 12, 1927 and died October 23, 1995 in Arizona.He wrote mystery, action adventure, science fiction, crime fiction, suspense, short stories, nonfiction, and was a comic scriptwriter, poet, screenwriter, essayist, and metaphysical scholar He publishedthan 125 books in his long career, and his books have been published inthan 25 foreign languages with close to two hundred million copies in print throughout the world.After producing a number of science fiction and mystery novels, Don launched in 1969 the phenomenal Mack Bolan The Executioner, which quickly emerged as the original, definitive Action Adventure series His successful paperback books inspired a new particularly American literary genre during the early 1970 s, and Don became known as the father of action adventure Although The Executioner Series is far and away my most significant contribution to world literature, I still do not perceive myself as belonging to any particular literary niche I am simply a storyteller, an entertainer who hopes to enthrall with visions of the reader s own incipient greatness Don Pendleton s original Executioner Series are now in ebooks, published by Open Road Media 37 of the original novels Wikipedia Don Pendleton

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