[PDF / Epub] ☀ Super Gran ✍ Forrest Wilson – Writerscompany.co.uk

Super Gran I was obsessed with Super Gran as a kid when they did a very short lived TV series I have put YouTube links to the TV series for your viewing pleasure The series may look shit now but back in the 80s the series was the bollocks The isbn,original Granny Smith Is An Ordinary Little Old Lady When Something Extraordinary Happens She Is Struck By Rays From A Super Machine And Becomes Super Gran Extra Fast, Strong, With X Ray Eyesight, Super Gran Sets Out With Her Grandson Willie And A Girl Called Edison To Right All The Wrongs In Their Town Along The Way, Super Gran Performs Amazing Feats, Foiling A Back Robbery And Saving A Child From Drowning But The Super Machine Has Been Stolen By The Inventor, Who Has Very Bad Plans For It Can Super Gran And Her Loyal Sidekicks Save The Day

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