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Sweet Compulsion The author says VW but really she is Charlotte Lamb and this is probably the sweetest CL ever h is trying to save her house and garden from greedy H developer, he takes one look and falls head over heels in love, the chase is on and big HEA ensues This man is utterly smitten and totally adorable with it NOT your usual CL H, like the exact opposite.This was one of the last CL s I had left on my list to collect and I thought it was very sweet and fun compared to her usual Good book, refr I just finished Victoria Wolf s Sweet Compulsion is I freaking LOVE this book to bits Definitely the best book I ve read in a long time The h inherited a house on a piece of land that s being developed by H s company She s the only one that was holding up the project since everybody else decided to sell it Hero, ruthless, cunning and cold, decided to use his usual brand of persuasion of sex appeal to try to convince h to sell Unbeknownist to him, he fell so hard and so fast for the h that his life would never be the same.I adore, love, absolutely heart this book so much that right after I finished it, I reread it It s so different from any HP I ve ever read, and definitely different from any CL books I ve read In short, it was unexpected When I first read it, I thought I knew where it was going H, an older, sophisticated man seducing a younger, virgin h by hiding his identity and when h found out, she would be bitter and hurt and all that Nope The h in this is absolutely priceless Though very young 18 years old as opposed to H s 32 years old and unsophisticated, she s mature and worldly in the ways of human nature, and has a brand of special charm and wit She s a bleeding heart and is very Mary Sue ish but I find it so refreshing to read a HP where the young h can handle the H She s smart enough to suspect the H of having interior motive So our girl was not dece Sweet Compulsion is one of those old timey, sweet May December Harlequin romances that Charlotte Lamb writing under the pseudonym of Victoria Woolf perfected in her signature style of naive but plucky country bumpkin meets jaded, sophisticated millionaire There is no angst in this, although all the mentions of my child by the hero are cringe worthily pedo but hey, chalk that up to the non pc 70s lol A lot of humor, though not as funny as Lamb s almost replica of thi Loved this book Charlotte Lamb s older books were the best Re reading this again as I seriously think it s one of the best HP books I have read I love this couple, AY caramba Manic pixie girl unbuttons English tycoon Marcy, the barely 18 year old Peter Pan h captures hearts right and left on her way from the wilds of Cornwall was it Cornwall to the materialistic, buttoned up London A few of the hearts belong to her married attorney, the Lost Boys, aforementioned tycoon, his cousin or something, the H s butler, the French chef The h has inherited her aunt s mansion in the heart of London Said house is a bone of contention as the big bad corporation owned by the Randall, the H, wants to tear it down while the Preservation Society and the h want to preserve it for the community and the kids.One look at Peter Pan Tinkerbell and Randall is a lost soul He falls like a ton of bricks and jumps on the first flimsy excuse to make her his fiancee a mere 36, at most 48, hours after they meet He also 86 s the great big and very expensive expansion plans to the horror of his Board and the briefly seen cold and corporate OW He tries a seduction routine at his home and is shut by a very rational Marcy and his appalled butler the first of many interrupted seduction scenes.Here is where Victoria Woolf is pseudoname for Charlotte Lamb This not typical ansty CL book It is lighthearted and has a spunky, good hearted, practically perfect h The h is 18 years old and very innocent the H is much Kids Need Play Space Not Office Towers That S What The Protest Banners Proclaimed And Marcy Campion Intended To See That They Got It.She Was Determined To Turn Aunt Thomasina S Old Victorian House Into A Community Center And Playground, Even If It Meant Fighting The Powerful Developers, Saxton And Company, Every Inch Of The Way.Annoyed By The Opposition Of A Mere Girl, Randal Saxton Decided To Handle The Situation Himself, And Marcy Soon Found Herself Involved In Another Battle This Time With Her Unruly Heart Ignore that hideous cover, this is a lovely May December story Charlotte Lamb decided to walk on the sunny side of the street in this tale about a besotted tycoon hero who took one look at the young heroine who was holding up his East London development and promptly fell in love I wasn t sure if he was sincere in keeping the heroine s house and garden for a community center since he had been compared to his pirate ancestor, but he was There was no duplicity in either the H h.Since that was the major conflict in the story and it was over in the first few chapters then what else is there A whirlwind courtship by an alpha who doesn t waste words He plies her with food fish and chips and then a meal at his mansion cooked by his French chef He lends her his sister s clothes He is enchanted when he finds her telling fortunes in his kitchen with his chef and butler He declares their engagement in front of the press and a jealous woman who thinks her husband is in love with the heroine He gives her lots of kisses and caresses and then comes to his senses before the h can be uncomfortable Then he sends her to his aunt so she can have a month long breathing room while he is away on business.The heroine, for her part, is enchanted and engaged with everyone and everything she comes in contact with She has learned to love her East London neighbors She befriends the hero s servants When she is Awww, that was sweet and largely uncomplicated Although I had my reservations about the seasoned Hero seducing the very young heroine, I ended up respecting him somewhat While he might have adored her and fallen in first sight with her and subsequently kissed her silly , I m glad that he gave her space to consider what or who she really wanted.There was no towards the end break up typical of romance in mod Cute, sassy funno big angst, no big misunderstandings.They talk through their issues and misperceptions with total honesty Hero is head over heels in love with the heroine and doesn t regret it for a moment Even though he is almost twice her age.Is this really a Charlotte Lamb book Wow.

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