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Sweetheart Reunion The Last Person Alma Blanchard Expects To Waltz Into Her Bayou Caf Is Julien LeBlancIf Seeing Him Again Weren T Painful Enough, Her Handsome Ex Beau Announces That He Aims To Settle Down With Her The Boy She Broke Up With In High School Was Not The Settling Down Type As His Courting Continues, Though, Julien Softens Her Heart With His Devotion And Faith But How Can She Ever Forgive Him And Put Aside Her Fear That He Ll Break Her Heart Again Alma Has Always Believed A Happily Ever After Just Wasn T Meant For Her What Will It Take For Julien To Prove Her Wrong

About the Author: Lenora Worth

Lenora Worth has written 75 books for three different publishers She reached a milestone when she received her 50th book pin from Harlequin Her books have won both regional and national awards and she now has millions of books in print and is a NY Times, USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestselling author Currently she is writing both Love Inspired and Love Inspired Suspense and Tule Publishing Married to her childhood sweetheart, Lenora has two grown children and lives in Florida.Pen name Lenora Nazworth

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    Alma and Julien had a past that had hurt Alma terribly but Julien set out to make things right in the situation and he would stop at nothing until Alma realized that they were meant to be As time goes on, Alma learns a great deal about love and forgiveness I always look forward to Lenora Worth s books and I enjoyed this book

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    Alma Blanchard broke up with Julian LeBlanc in high school, so why is he now so determined to court her Alma does not see Julian as the settling down type, although he has declared that he wants to settle down with her Can Alma forgive Julian and come to trust him not to break her heart Julian has matured since high school and is rea

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    The description is misleading but the story was good anyways Alma and Julien lived in the same town in the years following their breakup, so they obviously saw each other often In fact, they conducted business together Julien announces he plans to win Alma back, but family struggles, business ventures, and their own fears complicate things Th

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    Alma and her two sisters lost their mama a few years back Julien LeBlanc and his brother lost their father about a year ago After a prom break up they ve been tolerating each other for years Can they reunite to make a family that stays in the bayou Or will one need to leave for the big city for work

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    It took me a while to get into this book There was no lightning stricke when the couple met, they d know each other all their lives There was no Lord or Lady, playboy millionaire, or runnaway heiress Just two normal, hardworking people A cafe owner and a fisherman with real problems and real famiily relationships It was a satisfying read.

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    Interesting setting and a good read.

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    Loved this one I hope there are sequels telling the stories of Alma s two sisters

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    Too slow.

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