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Night Flight On The Run From The FBITargeted By A Murderous CultLabeled A Cyber Terrorist By The MediaIrritated Texts From His Best FriendEye Contact With A Nice Looking Guy On The TrainAidan Has A Lot To Deal With, And He S Not Quite Sure Which Takes Top PriorityFinding Himself Alone In A Posh New York City Hotel Room For The Night, Aidan Does What Any Red Blooded Seventeen Year Old Would Do He Tries To Hook Up With Someone New But That Lapse In Judgement Leads To Him Waking Up Next To A Dead Guy, Which Sparks An Epic Case Of Mistaken Identity That Puts Aidan On The Run From Everyone Faceless Federal Agents, His Eccentric Family, And, Naturally, A Cyber Terrorist Group Who Will Stop At Nothing To Find HimHe Soon Realizes The Only Way To Stop The Chase Is To Deliver The Object Everyone Wants, Before He Gets Caught Or Killed But For Aidan, The Hardest Part Is Knowing Who He Can Trust Not To Betray Him Including Himself If you pre order this book between now and publication day, be sure to submit proof of purchase HERE for your free goodiesMay you be in heaven a full half hour before the devil knows you re dead Here s something you may not know about me in addition to being a hardcore fan of Agatha Christie and Nancy Drew, I have an undying affection for anything associated with Alfred Hitchcock It could be traced back to a period of time in my youth that I associate with fond memories and a budding affinity for murder mysteries Back in the days when you would rent your movies from a physical store and were forced to learn the valuable lesson of delayed gratification, every Friday night was a Hitchcock marathon While my mom would head out to pick up a pizza, my dad and I would shuffle to the local Blockbuster where he allowed me to pick out whatever movie I wanted to watch within reason For a period of 5 years, we recycled every single Hitchcock thriller that our store carried, my favorite being The Man Who Knew Too Much All that to say, Swipe Right For Murder resonated deep within my nostalgia organ and took me to an exciting place of updated tradition.I ll admit, I know diddly squat about online dating I met my husband because my best friend and his best friend were brother and sister I salute everyone, regardless of race, gender, or sexuality, who is currently wading through these murky waters, because you are a true hero After flying through this novel, though, I feel like I have a slightly better grasp on how these apps work and the general process that goes into finding a match these days This book is own voices for gay rep, which translates into a wonderfully genuine and authentic voice from our gay male protagonist, and while this is a thrilling, compulsive, and serious novel, it also manages to portray the author s sense of dry, witty humor By the time we meet Aidan Jamison at 17 years old, he s already been given a grim diagnosis of a potentially short life due to a heart defect, but that s the least of his troubles to come After a strange hookup via the dating app Dirty Paws , our MC wakes up to find his partner dead and himself in a heap of trouble Where from you might askWell, along the way, Aidan finds himself hunted by the FBI and a terrifying cult overachiever, right This book takes mistaken identity to an entirely new level, and it was an absolute pleasure to devour I couldn t turn the pages fast enough, and that was likely due to the breakneck action being alternated with glimpses into Aidan s recent past, one that includes a situation with his brother and a separate side story involving an affair he had with his friend s father If you re looking for a YA thriller that is equal parts action, emotion, and humorous banter, look no further, friends I really enjoyed Milman s debut novel last year, but Swipe Right For Murder just proves that he gets better with each story he writes Highly recommended to fans of traditional murder mysteries, but are looking for an updated, timely, and current versionMany thanks to the author for providing my review copy. Alright everyone who thinks I don t like young adult novels Swipe Right for Murder is living proof that I do in fact stumble across a few over the years that I love Derek Milman s upcoming YA adventure thriller is hands down my favorite YA novel of 2019 In fact, it may be the best YA novel that I ve ever read Seventeen year old Aidan has a hotel room in New York City, but he s enjoying the time spent there with his friend Jackson and Jackson s girlfriend Tatianna All three are on the precipice of high school graduation, where everyone but Aidan has a solid view on what they want to do afterwards As Aidan settles into his hotel for the night, he logs onto his hook up app DirtyPaws Hi fictional Grindr and meets with an older gentlemen for a nightcap After hooking up with this man, Aidan falls asleep in his room but he wakes up to the hook up murdered Shocked and afraid, Aidan finds out that this man was involved in a cyber terrorist group in some manner, and flees before the police can apprehend him Since Aidan s discovery of this murder thrusted him into the spotlight both with the FBI and this terrorist organization Aidan must make the right decision in order to survive.Listen, I can talk about Swipe Right for Murder for days It s really that good So please, slide into my DMs when you read this story so we can chat This book is a fun adventure novel, but also has some clear messages that I think anyone who identifies in the LGBTQ community would appreciate The book talks about justice for equality and civil rights the way in which our country s societal pendulum has been swinging against our favor lately and it realistically touches on how it is to be gay in a modern day society Without providing any spoilers as the story progressed, I identified with Aidan s moral dilemma on right and wrong Aidan s moral compass struggled to justify his actions at times, and I completely resonated with that conflict he was inflicting upon himself I can t and won t talk about what I mean with that, but when you read this book, you ll know exactly what I mean.As part of the YA formula, there is a romance story of some kind, but it s not over the top and honestly I kind of fell in love with this character too Oh my god, am I AidanThe romance arc actually put the overall plot on a pedestal, and had me so much interested in what exactly was going to happen to the book s characters I became invested in their wellbeing, and having that interest peak for all the characters is a difficult feat for many authors to accomplish The formula for Swipe Right for Murder is vastly original, and I really enjoyed being taken on this ride I m not sure if YA novels that stir towards LGBTQ inclusivity may actually trigger my interest than ones that don t, but this book should be an important read for anyone who s struggling with acceptance within our community Yes it talks about underage drinking, sex, drugs, and other adult themes, but honestly it was refreshing to see that the book never became a fantasy reality, and I think that aspect will be much appreciated by the reader Get this book for your struggling LGBT child, get it for your best friend, get it for your parents just get this book, because you won t be disappointed. me reading this gay thriller about waking up next to your super hot and definitely dead hook up from last night

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