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Talk of the Town (In Shady Grove, #1) Shady Grove Where Everyone Knows Your SecretsOnce, Neil Pettit Was The Only Thing Maddie Montesano Wanted She Tried Every Trick In The Book To Keep Him, But No Luck It Took Some Time And A Lot Of Holding Her Head Up While The Town Gossiped But She S Made A Good Life For Herself And Her Daughter.Now, Neil S Back And Is Trying To Be The Father He Never Was Maddie So Doesn T Need This Kind Of Disruption Not When The Crazy Attraction She S Spent Years Ignoring Still Sizzles Between Them The Temptation To Give In And Have Neil Again Is Strong And When He O Ers That Dream Of Forever She D Abandoned, Well, She Might Give This Town Something New To Talk About.

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    The heroes are dating and our heroine gets pregnant on purpose for him to stay with her in town He cheated with another woman and dump our heroine and leaves town in search of his dreams.For 12 years he lives the good life of star athlete parading with model and actresses and making a lot of money.Our heroine, and their daughter are still living in the small city and he occasionally sees the gir

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    Very emotional second chance story Neil and Maddie had been high school sweethearts Neil had plans for his future that didn t include staying in Shady Grove His dream was to play for the NHL Maddie had a dream too to make a family with Neil and be together forever But when she got pregnant, it became obvious that their dreams were not compatible Maddie stayed in Shady Grove and raised their daughter,

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    This review and others can be found at my blog, My Written Romance Just click here.All too soon, I am left with somewhat of a feeling of ambivalence towards a book Beth Andrews is an author that I like and have enjoyed previously and I am sure that this enjoyment will continue with books of hers into the future However, Talk of the Town is not one of her better ones, in my book.The general gist of the sto

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here H from a very dysfunctional background and determined to get out of the small town to reach his goals in NHL H intensely attracted to h when in highschool h in love with H and gets pregnant on purpose H did not want children or commitment, slept with another woman, told h and left her and town to pursue his dreams h raised daughter

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    Number one LOVE BETH ANDREWS Her stories are always a must read, but this story I loved the heroine and her family The loud and wonderful protective Montesano family Maddie was a single parent with a daughter 11 Bree, Bree s father was is a pro hockey player who has pretty much been a checkbook father SPOILERSMaddie has raised her daughter alone, apparently she got pregnant on purpose at 16, and the bf hero was 18

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    What can I say This book really worked for me Yes, Maddie s anger toward Neil for the first 60% or so of the book was frustrating, but I found it believable A lot of it was really geared toward herself, for reasons that become clear later on in the book She was clearly directing it onto him to help herself deal with the guilt Since I m all about denial myself, it totally worked for me I would have had a harder time symp

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    Ms Andrews writes a compelling story with Talk of the Town Neil Pettit and Maddie Montesano were high school sweethearts until she became pregnant and he got drafted by the NHL He became the ultimate absentee father and she s done a great job making a life for her daughter and herself that doesn t include Neil because while it was a hard lesson to learn, she understands at the core that he s not staying.Until one day he real

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    I was hard put to get past the entire first half of this book because of the unrelenting, nasty, and too often repeated anger of Maddie against her first love call that hate Neil When it finally began to subside and we followed Neil as he began to develop a relationship with his daughter, the book settled down and became muchfun to read in spite of the typical 11 year old drama queen behavior on the part of the kid I see this is

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    Read on the airplane on the way to Vegas Good read The hero and heroine were high school sweethearts, but he had ambitions Which he achieved by walking away, though he didn t abandon his responsibility to the daughter he fathered Mostly he threw money at things once he became a professional hockey player Now he s back in town after helping his team win the Stanley Cup, and he wants to mend the relationships he ignored while he was ach

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    Why was the talk of the town There was no town involvement Gotta say both of the lead characters were pretty awful Does that dude really like hockey cause it seems like he couldn t give a crap most of the time Heroine is very fridged and was way late in adm...

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