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I enjoyed Tank Girl The Odyssey immensely That s all I can really say for certain of this very weird, very fragmented, comic reading experience It is an experience A ride A journey An odyssey If I had to pin down a core, recurring element of this wildly fluctuating spectacle of a book, it would probably be mania Sheer, undisturbed, persistent mania The book runs on pure energy, and doesn t skip a single beat in churning out joke after joke, gag after gag, scene after scene The pacing is wild, the dialog skirts from being intensely sophomoric to providing high brow, classical literature reference and observation at the drop of a hat, and the art, in Jamie Hewlett s recognizable, chunky, pop punk style, is positively electric If there s one thing Tank Girl has, it is, surprisingly, variety though that variety all combines into a singular, very silly, very immature goal that ultimately comes off as far less ingenious than it perhaps actually is.It s a very particular 90s brand of juvenile hi jinks creative violence and swearing, along with cheeky parody, self deprecation and allusions to popular culture, are combined with nudity, gross out humour, farts, sex, and stinky, feces smothered toilet humour, to creative a melting pot of everything society has ever looked down upon in comic books It s all presented through the eyes of Tan I loved this one This book is a perfect combination of intellect and shite, and I mean that in a positive way This book is not for the faint hearted This book is vulgar, but delicious There are a ton of literary references in this book I think my title sums up my thoughts on this latest outing for TG and the gang Riffing off Ulysses and every other rendition of Homer s Odyssey the writers could think of, TG Odyssey sees the usually jumbled and non linear TG take a direct, structured approach for once At first I worried there might be a loss of energy as a direct result of losing the freeform style of the original strips, and of course this is a graphic novel rather than a collection of serial strips so the energy has to be different, but the anarchic wit and ambience survives the transformation Indeed, I might even venture to say this is one of the best outings for TG I ve read Whilst the plot is structured, that isn t normally a problem in any kind of novel, and the writers have concocted enough twists and turns in the story that it doesn t feel the TG crew have sold out Indeed, it s deceptively elegant, because it still feels anarchic, it s just that now we can follow a linear plot too, which Mmmmeh This is my second Tank Girl, and I came away feeling much the same whatever It looks great on figurative paper 1990s, Australian riot grrrl, influenced in equal parts by Mad Max and gutter punk or maybe I mean crustie aesthetics Yo, I m down with all of this in theory I m also down with clever classical references to Odysseus et al which this book has loads of and with smug clever fourth wall breaking But, in practice, actually re Tank Girl Est En Paradero Desconocido Desde Que, Borracha De Fama Tras Su Salto A La Gran Pantalla A Mediados De Los 90, Se Dej Llevar Por Las Fiestas Locas De Hollywood Abandonada A Una Existencia Hedonista Que Consiste En Ponerse Ciega De Todo Y Escuchar Calipso, Ahora Recibe Una Llamada De Auxilio O Espabila Y Recorre El Largo Y Peligroso Camino De Vuelta A Casa, O Su Novio, El Canguro Booga, Puede Caer En Las Redes De Tony El Chaquetas, Un Productor De Cine Sin Escr Pulos Que Lleva La Cartera Llena De Promesas De Xito. Edici n inglesa con este mismo ISBN pero con otra tapa est Tank Girl de frente, disfrazada de canguro y con un peluche violeta Vendr a a ser el cuarto tomo de la edici n remasterizada de Titan, que viene despu s de la trilog a original publicada en Argentina por Utop a. Finally a readable Tank Girl graphic. 3.5 stars I shouldn t need to have read Joyce s Ulysses to understand a Tank Girl comic But it turns out Joyce s obsession with piss and shit and food is a perfect fit for the punk icon The art is gorgeous and the dialogue is full of quotable bits and Joycean Contar este compilatorio como otro material literario, el gui n es digno de elogio y mucho mejor que la mierda literaria que esta abordando el mercado actual de bestsellers.Adem s del gui n, los trazos de Hewlett son otro mundo, uno muybde a Tank Girl: The Odyssey (Graphic Novel)

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