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Tempting Treasures After The Demise Of Her Grandfather, Nineteen Year Old Lady Elena St John Has Spent The Last Three Years Running An Impoverished Barony Orphaned And Alone, She Searches For A Hidden Family Treasure While Plagued By The Ghost Of Lady Katherine, The One Who Created The Intricate Clues, Though The Apparition Refuses To Relinquish Any Answers.Retired Spy, James Stewart, Earl Of Richmond, Seeks Escape From The Clutches Of His Matchmaking Family Intent On Finding Purpose In His New Role, He Dives Headfirst Into The Running Of The Earldom Ending Up At A Forgotten Inherited Barony Obsessed With Discovering The Secret Of The Young Lady In Residence, He Is Convinced The Recent Series Of Accidents Are Anything But.Frustration Mounts As Elena, Desperate To Hide Her Family S Smuggling Operation, Deflects James Curiosity With The Legend Of The Hidden Treasure Can They Put Personal Grievances Aside And Work Together To Unravel The Clues To A Tangible Treasure I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I love plots that center around treasure hunting They re fun to read and I enjoy watching the main characters piece together the clues as they narrow down their search What I enjoyed about Tempting Treasures was that it was all set in the family house Keeping the treasure hunt narrowed down into that location made for an even intriguing plot and the supernatural elements that Buchholz included added depth and a uniqueness that many treasuring hunt plots lack I struggled a bit with connecting with the characte This novel has everything I love a historical setting, romance, mystery, murder, a secret treasure, villains and a ghost The story is quick paced and so well written, I felt as though I was actually there walking through those secret passages and could almost feel the tingles when Katherine, the ghost, makes her appearances.The romance between Elena and James was realistic, sweet and funny For a retired government spy, I wonder how good James actually was at his job as Elena certainly manages to thwart him at every turn and keep her secrets well guarded She of course has the advantage of having the unwavering love and loyalty of her staff and the villagers And as for all his blustering about wanting to keep her safe and guarding her, he never actually manages to properly come to her rescue despite all the opportunities to do so Elena is plucky enough to defend herself when the need arises I really enjoyed reading Tempting Treasures It s a story packed full of mystery, suspense, ghosts, intrigue, and romance Elena and James both have secrets they are hesitant to share Trust comes with time but secrets threaten their relationship Their chemistry is palpable and their verbal sparring is both witty and fun I adore the loyalty of Elena s staff and the townspeople Harold and Mr Black drove me batty from the moment each was introduced and James mother could drive anyone to drink Oh the diversity of the characters such a joy Tempting Treasures was a book that grabbed myattention right from the start and I managed to snag enough moments during my busy schedule to finish it in only a few days Readers will fall in love along with Elena and James They will enjoy unravelling the mysteries surrounding Settrington Manor, mysteries from the past as well as the present.FYI some minor violence a man i This was an exciting story with some really great twists and turns I liked Elena and James Their chemistry was good, and they got some nice toe curling scenes between them The emotions ran a roller coaster and pulled you along with the mystery Unfortunately, I felt like the mystery lost steam at times, and was a bit unsatisfactory in its actualization The characters were a bit incon I loved this book even though I am not a fan of historical fiction This has a great love story between Elena who has been given the task of managing the manor after the death of her grandfather without any money and the Earl who is next in line Since she cannot let the Earl of Richmond know she is running the estate she lets the estate believe she is a man Then he comes to visit his inheritance as a way to g Tempting Treasures is a fun book about a young, independent girl figuring out how to keep her life intact after her grandfather dies I enjoyed the fast pace of the story and also the romantic tension between the main characters It s a fun quic What an amazing book A great Regency romance with a mystery I love the leads and would love to see them in another book I was instantly captivated with the story An Awesome first book for this promising Author I can t wait to see what else she has in store A MUST READ Tempting Treasures is a surprisingly good book Having read my fair share of historical romances, I was instantly captivated by the characters and sucked into their world It was hard to put down I finished it in two sittings The book flows well there are no long, drawn out, flowery descriptive paragraphs to make you lose focus The characters are well developed and likable, I found myself relating to just about everyone in the book.I loved the story as it was PG13Violence fist fighting, shooting, violent accidents, murderLanguage some infrequent swearsSex descriptive kissing and making out, but no other detailsI LOVED this book I thought it was so clever The story rocks and the cont

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As for the personal scoop, I m an Author and aspiring Artist by night On the weekends, I put paint to canvas while enjoying a glass of wine with my gal pals All this, while juggling the demands of being a full time mother and wife I have been a long time reader of historical romance and lover of mystery novels, ever since I could pick up a book I owe a big Thank You to my Grandmother for ignit

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