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The Alastair Campbell Diaries, Volume Two The Second Volume Of Campbell S Riveting Diaries, Rejoining New Labour As They Come Into Power.Power And The People Is The Second Of Four Volumes, And Covers The First Two Years Of New Labour Government, Beginning With Their Victory At The Polls In 1997 Volume Two Details The Initial Challenges Faced By Labour As They Come To Power And Settle Into Running The Country It Covers Many Of The Memorable Events Of The Period From The Omagh Bombing To President Clinton S Relations With Monica Lewinsky From The Hardcover Edition.

10 thoughts on “The Alastair Campbell Diaries, Volume Two

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    Not as fun as the first one as many of the opposition hijinks gone, but a study of government and power from a new perspective Definitely one of the best political diaries out there but will be delaying the next in the series as you can have a little bit too much Campbell.

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    Alastair Campbell s second volume of diaries are, like his first, an interesting read The insights he gives into the first term of the Blair government are unrivalled Well worth a read.

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    More of the same in the second volume of Campbell s diaries, covering the first two years of the Labour Government Brown is a petulant plotter Mandelson s ego outruns his political antennae Short and Harman are useless Mowlam is sidelined and the rest are just bit part players The most interesting stuff is the non policy entriesCherie B

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    Worse than the first one, not buying any .

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    Like Volume 1 highlights the difficulties between Brown and Blair, and focuses on Balls and Whelan as agents of dysfunction It also highlights the key role he personally

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