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The Billionaires Contract Bride No Review All RantI know HPs are about creating conflicts where none should actually exist, but the conflict in this was seriously pushed and quite ludicrous On top of it, the H has a diva attitude and is always in a shrieking snit about one thing or the other, and the spineless h is forever being apologetic even for breathing Of course, her excuse for spinelessness is that she s is fallen in love at the meet cute not turned sex with a stranger and only she understands that he s actually coming from a deeply hurt psyche And the plan s to love him into loving her back famous last ones, those.And he too behaves as he does because he s fallen in love when he should have known better So pile on the insults and humiliations and the putdowns AND he accepts he loves her only to abuse her out of any notions of hea So how does he realize that the h s wan state and teary words can be believed Why her words can t be trusted but her makeup less state definitely points out t Zavier Chambers is one of Australia s most celebrated, powerful playboys, and to him Tabitha appears to be the worst kind of woman a gold digger who wants to marry for money and position So why can t he get her out of his mind Tabitha Reece is not a gold digger but she I ve really liked some of her others I d say this one should be re worked and do a version 2, with him lots of crawling, and some sort of romance development this dud of a hero really had nothing nice EVER Regarding our heroine being a beard for her gay buddy I ve been a beard for my gay pals before, but this would ve been the one where I catch a taxi uber and ditch the event, go hangout with other fun friends Apparently her gay friend Aiden is her only friendand she s a dancer She should be rolling in Wild Gay Parties and fun times, and not have to put up with Aiden s brother, a nasty piece of work Surely by the heroine s age profession, she d have had waay experience and assertiveness dealing with entitled playboys, jerks, and everybody in general I would ve loved to see that role modeled.The resolution was waaaay too quick and easy, completely unbelievably so A few sentences from the gay brother magically fixes decades worth of mental hangups The hero deserved to suffer much, much.Ways this could have been made better Recut, re edit a version 2 The love scenes are very not detailed, I d like better role modeling where the heroine hero give detail and actually demonstrate some sort of growing attachment towards each other Also it s hard to tell if the heroine hero was go paperback Part of The Lusty Billionaires Bundlea I regret buying this book I usually try to be nice about books because I know to authors their books are their babies so I m going to chalk this up to different preferences I like main girls to have some pride and backbone this character was nice and sweet but that s as far as she went got personality And honestly I can t stand heroines like that so this may been a nice book fo BOOKS The Billionaires Contract Bride Author Carol Marinelli Brazilianportuguesetranslator.us Zavier Chambers Is One Of Australia S Most Celebrated, Powerful Playboys, And To Him Tabitha Appears To Be The Worst Kind Of Woman A Gold Digger Who Wants To Marry For Money And Position So Why Can T He Get Her Out Of His Mind Tabitha Reece Is Not A Gold Digger But She Needs To Marry For Money She Can T Tell Zavier Her Reasons, So When He Blackmails Her Into A Marriage Of Convenience She Has No Choice But To Comply The Stakes Are High, But She S Willing To Play The Game. Actually, i hoped that Aiden was a straight guy in the end and there ll be some sparks rekindled between him and Tabitha apart from their friendship..but never mind, Zavier was hot hey Yarabbim madem o ilk anda a ka inanmad n halde a k oldun hatunabu ne eziyet ve sa mal kt r bu Hq erke isin bu kesin..kendini bu kadar belli etmeseydin bari..

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About the Author: Carol Marinelli

Carol Marinelli was born in England to Scottish parents, then emigrated to Australia, where there are loads of Scottish and English people who did exactly the same, so she s very at home there.She lives in the outer suburbs of Melbourne pretty much in her car, driving her three children to their various commitments.Carol writes for the Harlequin Presents and Medical lines and she also writes conte