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The Billionaires Unexpected Wife From USA Today Best Selling Author Ali Parker As Soon As I Saw Her, I Knew I Had To Have Her I Thought This Vegas Fundraiser Was Going To Be Boring Another Obligation To Keep The Family Business Alive Wrong I Don T Remember A Damn Thing About The Night We Spent Together, Other Than How Good She Felt Against Me, Like She Was Made For Me We Woke Up The Next Morning With Than We Bargained For Wedding Rings Too Bad I Don T Believe In True Love I D Feel Bad About It, But She S Got A Strong Opinion Of Me Too I M A Perpetual Bachelor From Her Perspective Fucking Great Crazily Enough, This Could Work Out For Both Of Us I Need Someone To Keep My Traditional Greek Family From Nagging Me About Settling Down, And She Could Use Some Cash For Reasons She Doesn T Want To Share I Know A Good Deal When I See One And If She Wants To End Up In My Bed All Over Again, All The Better This Is Book Of A Trilogy You Will Have To Purchase Book And To Finish The Story

About the Author: Ali Parker

Parker is a full time contemporary and new adult romance writer with than a hundred and twenty books behind her She loves coffee, watching a great movie and hanging out with her hubs By hanging out, she means making out Hanging out is for those little creepy elves at Christmas No tight green stockings for her She s an entrepreneur at heart and loves coming up with ideas than any one person should be allowed to access She lives in Texas with her hubs and three kiddos and looks forward to traveling the world in a few years Writing under eleven pen names keeps her busy and allows her to explore all genres and types of writing If you enjoyed her writing style, please check out her other pen names at the pen names link below Find me at

10 thoughts on “The Billionaires Unexpected Wife

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    Because I am too lazy short on time to write a full review, I will just say that this was a truly sweet story about a Greek family that will stop at nothing to see their kids married You will laugh, cry and get mad but when you get to the end, it s butterflies, roses unico

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    FREE on today 1 29 2019 Blurb As soon as I saw her, I knew I had to have her I thought this Vegas fundraiser was going to be boring another obligation to keep the family business alive Wrong I don t remember a damn thing about the night we spent together, other than how good she f

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    I usually read every book by this author in one sitting, however with this one I struggled to keep myself focused on the story Halfway through I started to lose interest in it, and I even read three other books in between before finishing this one I don t mind longer stories but this one re

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    Very good bookI would recommend this book to anyone FINALLY, a book that doesn t just stop It continues just enough to tell a complete story It is real and very entertaining Thank you, Ali Parker

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    DNF at 40%This one just didn t work for me For once, it wasn t about editing I didn t like that the alternating view points weren t marked, you just had to read a while to figure out who s perspective it was And we didn t learn the H name until 9% in Wasn t even mentioned in the blurb And if that wasn t enou

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    I ll start this review with a warning Make sure you have time to finish this book, because once you start, you wont be able to put it down Kristo and Amaya first see each other in the pool, where she is relaxing and he is burning off some energy before his father s next wedding They see each other again that evening

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    Not my favorite but okI loved Kristo and Amaya The story kind of dragged on for me a bit Sometimes I felt like i had read that part already because it seemed redundant.i still love Ali Parkers books though I would have loved to know about the he sister Jolenes condition With all his money, I m surprised they didn t explore d

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    Very romanticI very much enjoyed this book Following it was easy Loved the surprises at every turn My only question iswhat happened to her pet After a certain point in the story there was no mention again of the pet she adored Anyway, loved the book

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    This is a fast paced read with just the the right amount of humour to make this a delicious read by the top selling author, Ali Parker I have to confess now that this is my favourite of her stories that I have read so far bearing in mind that I ve read every one of her stories that has been made available to read on ebook in the UK Ali has cre

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    Unexpectedly good.I don t often read modern romance books and especially books about billionaires Authors usually get it badly wrong With this book I just decided that the billionaire word shouldn t be in the title Millionaire maybe Forgetting about all of that and the likelihood that there was never a real marriage in the first place, here we have two

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