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The Bridegroom: Stories Short and simple 12 stories great travel time read. The Bridegroom is a series of 12 stories taking place in and around China s Muji City Author Ha Jin s structure is clear and simple, but he says so much in these sentences readers may find themselves re evaluating their own style After Cowboy Chicken Came to Town was my favorite story, as I liked seeing a communist worker being influenced by capitalism wanting democracy in the end as well The titular story, The Bridegroom is also haunting detailing a man s plight with his son in law s homosexua Before I share my thoughts on this book, I would like you to consider this bit of history Mao Zedong died in 1976 and the decade long Cultural Revolution that shook up China and led to the persecution and death of many Chinese ended with his demise and with the arrest and eventual conviction of the Gang of Four which includes Mao s wife In 1978, Deng Xiaoping, a Party member who fell out of favour with Mao, won the power struggle within the CCP and it was he who introduced capitalism inspired economic reform to China Now imagine living in these turbulent times, an era in between a planned economy, State Owned Enterprises with secure, designated jobs and housing units, and strict Party control and a socialist market economy, exposure to a modern Westernised lifestyle and a future that is open to your own interpretation It must have been scary to live during these insecure years, not knowing where the country is headed To highlight the feelings of this period, Ha Jin infuses his very short stories with irony and sarcasm So, did I like the book Unfortunately, not as much as I had expected It has got to be one of the most frustrating books I have read this year Humiliation, petty behaviour, injustice and unsatisfying endings galore in The bridegroom stories WARNING SOME SPOILERS AHEADThe fun started as soon as I reached page 2 completely out of the blue, a local p My first of Ha Jin A compilation of stories revolved around Chinese culture and social, a story of people living in a community conflict of family generation, problem in love and relationship, bureaucracy and the difficulty of strict working system, bit of erotic scenes and few taboo matters It was written well not draggy with fascinating narratives, love Ha Jin s style of writing Point of stories were sometimes just about a daily life of the characters but it been given a smooth and proper plot, a very sharp insight making it a bit interesting Having few as my personal favorite Saboteur sort of a revenge story but was written in a very unexpected situation , Alive a story about a man losing his memory after an earthquake and having a new life without realizing he was actually a man with family I love how it was ended , Broken a bit obscene but I love the ide I actually didn t finish this collection It was very well written, no doubt about that, but I found its appeal very variable For instance, the longest and most acclaimed story, concerning efforts by a regional Chinese TV company to stage a tiger fight with a real tiger and the hilarious fall out that ensues didn t grab me at all.The collection had many things I like in short stories domestic detail, a knack for indicating cultural particularities while conveying that they are to be taken for granted and not exotic at all I was disappointed that they lacked, or did not convey to me, a strong sense of place obviously they re set in china , but the particular city and its landscape never took shape for me, and the characters didn t seem to notice the shape of their surroundings much Initially I was annoyed by the overwhelming masculine focus of the first half of the collection particularly in the case of the title story, The Bridegroom, I thought the choice of the father in law s POV for a story about a successful young husband arrested for homosexual behaviour was an oversight The wife, who seemed perfectly happy to have married him, or the mother in law, who seem Short stories, set in modern day China It s a nice cross section of different lives in a different culture Interesting, moving and entertaining writing. This book was my first contact with Ha Jin s writing, and it surprised me in many different ways I can t say it ever once overwhelmed me or blew my mind at any point It was the steady, honest voice of the writer that grew on me with every page By the end of it, I was hooked and found myself craving.When it comes to favourites, mine were definitely Broken , The Bridegroom , Alive , The Woman From New York and In the Kindergarten , or less in that order.I enjoyed the different perspectives explored in each short story, from a kindergartner s, to the regular Chinese working man, to the women struggling between tradition and progress The honest, almost humble tone is what gives these stories authenticity Comedy and tragedy have their place and are mixed in just the right proportion most of the time These are not stories that are meant to shock or sadden the reader, nor do they aim to make you guffaw It is silently obvious throughout the text that they are only meant to paint a sincere picture of a society and its workings.On the downsides, the writing was just a little bit too un poetic for my personal taste I also found the plot lines to be somewhat obvious and predictable, which I think is a recurrent flaw in Ha Jin s writing Most of the time, however, it didn t affect my reading experience since I wasn t reading this book for t Wow this is the best Ha Jin I ve read yet my favorite stories were Alive and Broken they were so haunting, and really stuck with me I couldn t stop thinking about them Also, After Cowboy Chicken Came to Town is so funny and fascinating It really highlights some major cultural differences in Short stories that take place in China after the Culture Revolution I don t know exactly what that was but I d say they take place in the 1970s and 1980s Most had to do about learning English and attending school which I m guessing was Ha Jin s wheelhouse Easy to read, sometimes funny and makes you realize how alike everyone is in wanting to get revenge, put their best From The Remarkable Ha Jin, Winner Of The National Book Award For His Celebrated Novel Waiting, A Collection Of Comical And Deeply Moving Tales Of Contemporary China That Are As Warm And Human As They Are Surprising, Disturbing, And Delightful.In The Title Story, The Head Of Security At A Factory Is Shocked, First When The Hansomest Worker On The Floor Proposes Marriage To His Homely Adopted Daughter, And Again When His New Son In Law Is Arrested For The Crime Of Homosexuality In After Cowboy Chicken Came To Town, The Workers At An American Style Fast Food Franchise Receive A Hilarious Crash Course In Marketing, Deep Frying, And That Frustrating Capitalist Dictum, The Customer Is Always Right Ha Jin Has Triumphed Again With His Unforgettable Storytelling In The Bridegroom From The Trade Paperback Edition.

About the Author: Ha Jin

Ha Jin is the pen name of Jin Xuefei, a novelist, poet, short story writer, and Professor of English at Boston University.Ha Jin writes in English about China, a political decision post Tiananmen Square.

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