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The Deep Yetu Holds The Memories For Her People Water Dwelling Descendants Of Pregnant African Slave Women Thrown Overboard By Slave Owners Who Live Idyllic Lives In The Deep Their Past, Too Traumatic To Be Remembered Regularly, Is Forgotten By Everyone, Save One The Historian This Demanding Role Has Been Bestowed On Yetu.Yetu Remembers For Everyone, And The Memories, Painful And Wonderful, Traumatic And Terrible And Miraculous, Are Destroying Her And So, She Flees To The Surface, Escaping The Memories, The Expectations, And The Responsibilities And Discovers A World Her People Left Behind Long Ago.Yetu Will Learn Than She Ever Expected To About Her Own Past And About The Future Of Her People If They Are All To Survive, They Ll Need To Reclaim The Memories, Reclaim Their Identity And Own Who They Really Are.

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    Wow, this book is amazing As a fan of Clipping and their Hugo nominated song that this book is based on, I was already excited for this one plus it s written by Rivers Solomon, author of An Unkindness of Ghosts But wow, this book is intense I won t give away any spoilers except to say that Yetu, the hero, is a unique character who is forced to make

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    releases June 2019BITCH okay I was waiting I was watching I was desperate for something by Rivers Solomon, whose work I have vowed to keep up with after loving their first book so much, and now it s HERE and I am READY

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    I love mer people, I love clipping., and I love every single speck of the premise for this I need this SO BAD Also, if you haven t already,

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    THE DEEP by Rivers Solomon is directly inspired by the song of the same name by the group clipping., made up of Daveed Diggs, William Hutson, and Jonathan Snipes The song and book tell of water dwellers descended from pregnant African slave women who were thrown overboard by slave owners their babies were nurtured and protected by whales, and they adap

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    Intense, fluid and haunting, moody rich in history and subtle magic This is a book about the past and about the present and about heritage and who we are without it This is a book about cruelty and wanting, anger and love, the deep emotions that fill us up and destroy us and make us who we are This book is not for white people Every white person should

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    oof this sounds like it s gonna be massively powerful

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    Tom Waits said once, I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things You can feel the fact that this book is based on a song the prose is lyrical and lush, rhythmic and flowing, the kind of writing that carries you through the story like a musician through a beloved album But it isn t just the story of Yetu and her people, it s a story about history

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    Hoping this will cure my year long hangover from

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    Is this book going to make me scream, That s not how evolution works or is it going to be awesome

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