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The Degan Incident (Galactic Conspiracies #1) Read The Degan Incident Galactic Conspiracies 1 By Rob Colton Lonely Spaceport Worker Devin McSmith Meets Bastian Drago, An Exotic And Beastly Alien From The Planet Dega, And Begins An Adventure That Takes Him To The Stars And Beyond.While Working At Earth S Spaceport Prime, Devin McSmith Meets Bastian Drago, An Exotic And Beastly Alien From The Planet Dega.Devin And Bastian Get To Know Each Other And Their Relationship Quickly Heats Up Just As They Begin To Fall In Love, Bastian Disappears Without A Trace.When Devin S Encounter With Bastian Triggers A Startling Change In His Body, He Is Taken Captive And Held In A Top Secret Research Facility.Will Bastian Find Devin Before It S Too Late

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    you should have seen my face.dude duuuuuuuuude but for why you gotta fuck up a perfectly hot, spacey opera y, orphan comes home but with deep dickin story with, like, twenty pages of torture porn i wuz like, wuuuu...

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    DNF at 11%Yeah, this is not for me The first thing I noticed about him was the tips of his bottom two canine teeth They protruded from his mouth and pressed into the thick mustache that covered his upper lip underneath a wide nose. The hairs on his chin hung down about six inches into a point like a billy goat He had two pointy horns on top of his head, about three inches tall and ivory white in colorH

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    Written March 31, 20143.2 Stars for a fun m preg a sweet trifleYes, it s true I just read a sweet sci fi fantacy with a m preg topic I just need to learn .. than zero actually about this strange m preg thing now After two fun tentacle love romances, and a lot of other strange reads in this wonderful world of M M books, was I prepared for this odd topic as well And how lucky that I dared to take a chance T

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    Schmoopy gay porn.Not often you see this particular melange of unvarnished sex and sugary sweet emotions But, that s the tone of this soulmates story Devin is a small, orphaned human working the Space Port on Earth when he meets Bastian, a giant furry Degan He sort of reminds me of this Or maybe a bipedal mashup with this Though, that could just be the name Any which way, Degans are an ancient race of large fe

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    This was a wild ride space soap opera Spaceships, aliens, conspiracies, and mpreg thrown in It pretty much had it all and I enjoyed the read a lot Devin is a lonely young guy just barely scraping by, the space port where he works will soon make his job redundant and all he wants to do is explore the universe so he s saving his pennies He meets the exotic beast like alien, Bastian, and the two have a blazing short

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    Bastian DragoDo not apologize for them Humans have a history of not being very tolerant of others who are different Devin McSmithI suppose so I d like to think it is getting better As a species, we ve done a lot of growing over the years But we obviously still have some room Not all of us are like that Well, I am of those who really appreciate anything different And I thought that this is a beautiful Sci Fi MM lo...

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    Big, hairy aliens What a weird book Though it reminded me of another alien series I ve readIn the week of his last shift as a a gate tech at Spaceport Prime the largest docking port on Earth s North American continent , Devin Dev McSmith 25 meets the exotic and beastly alien from the planet Dega, Bastian Drago 36 in Earth years , which ends up in a huge surprise Devin is pregnant and Bastian is missing Overall, it was str

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    This is the first book I ve actually been able to finish in a while, due to an overload of real world distractions, so I was especially relieved to find something relaxing that also entertained This definitely fit the bill and I read right through it I found Devin to be a sweetie, an orphan who is still upbeat, can t get into the space navy but cheerfully takes a job as a grunt at the spaceport so he can at least see the spac

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    5 stars, and Kudos because Dev, the human and only narrator is soooooo cute Always in cloths to big for him, always loving a big and older guy to hold him, loving a Degan for what he is an incredible person not for his look Degans are beast like creatures I ADORED him Look one exampleYou re handsome , I wishpered as I looked into his eyes For a non human No, for a man Human or otherwise Humans call our kind beasts or beastmen Wel

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    I can t believe this writer has not been published, he is just terrific.I would be happy to pay for this story, I don t know how much money I spend every year in books and some of them are not even near of this quality....

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Rob Colton is a software developer by day, and avid reader of romance novels at night A romantic at heart, he loves stories that feature big, burly men who find true love and happy endings.Stories can be found on Literotica, Nifty and Gay Authors under the username robcub32.