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The Deputy's Holiday Family This is the second book in the Rocky Mountain Heroes series set in Ouray,Colorado It s beautiful here nestled in the valley with the towering mountains above This series revolves around five brothers and this is Matt and Lacie s story Lacie is back in town to raise her niece, Kenzie after her mother s death Kenzie is a real sweetheart at only five years old This book is so Christmasy Lacie wants to give her niece the best Christmas ever but her mother whom she lives with is anti Christmas since her husband passed away at that time of year Lacie and Matt grew up together but the friendship fizzled out after he started dating her sister When Matt realizes something that will change his and Kenzie s life he realizes all he has been missing I really enjoyed Matt s character, a true gentleman and law enforcement to boot, wow Matt has always felt like his father didn t appreciate him and he felt like a failure in his eyes This hurts him than he lets on and it aff A Family For ChristmasLacie Collier Is Determined To Give Her Niece, Kenzie, The Best Christmas But Lacie S Got Her Work Cut Out For Her When They Spend The Holidays At Her Christmas Averse Mother S Home With His Focus On Keeping His Own Mother S Holiday Traditions Alive, Sheriff S Deputy Matt Stephens Is Surprised To See His Old Friend Lacie Back In Ouray He S Always Regretted That Their Friendship Became Strained After He Started Dating Her Sister In High School But It S Pure Shock He Experiences When He Sees Kenzie, Whose Uncanny Resemblance To Matt Is Undeniable This Christmas Will Bring New Memories For Lacie And Matt If They Can Open Themselves To The Possibility Of Love. Delightfully Christmasy In fact the holiday is practically its own setting And this is the feel good believe in Christmas miracles kind of read that tugs at your heartstrings but ultimately leaves you basking in the glow of all the hopes of the season Truly scrumptious.And a certain deputy plays a huge role in readerly enjoyment You can t go wrong with a hero grimly trying to put the past aside Poor Matt has a difficult relationship with his father and it s colored his entire adult life It s time for him to see beyond the hurt and appreciate the awesome guy he is and I know just the the people to help him with that.Cue the Christmas music because Lacie is determined to make this the best Christmas ever for her grieving niece and somehow Matt ends up helping outa lot Blissful sigh There are so many cute big tough deputy going all marshmallow soft over a certain little princess This is the second book in the Rocky Mountain Heroes series In this book, we once again meet up with the Stephens family This book has the middle boy, Matt Stephens having his second chance romance story Lacie Collier is a Denver interior designer, raising her young niece, Kenzie after the death of her sister When Lacie is let go from her job, she heads home to Ouray, Colorado, to spend Thanksgiving and maybe Christmas with her mother As she returns to town, she almost hits a pedestrian and is pulled over by the local police Imagine her surprise and humiliation when she realizes it is her old friend Deputy Matt Stephens, the man she had a huge crush on growing up Matt is just as surprised to see her back in town Lacie has promised her high school drama teacher that she would perform in the local Christmas presentation When she shows up for her first meeting with the director, she is surprised to see it is Matt directing The they are thrown together, the Lacie s feelings grow As secrets are revealed and feelings are rekindled, can Lacie and Matt move forward on their feelings, or are they too afraid that the other does not feel the same way This is a swoon worthy story The relationships between Matt and Lacie, Matt and Kenzie, Kenzie and her grandmother and Lacie and her mother are all developing, they are sweet and heart tugging Kenzie Lacie Collier is a Denver interior designer, raising her young niece, Kenzie When Lacie s job lets her go, she decides to go back to her hometown to spend Christmas with her mom On her way home, she gets pulled over, by Deputy Matt Stephens, who is surprised to see his old friend back in town.Lacie is helping with the local Christmas Program, but when she has an accident, Matt is asked to take over Matt goes to Lacie for help with the program, he meets Kenzie and is shocked that she looks just like he did at her age.As past secrets are revealed will Lacie and Matt be able to give Kenzie the family she s always wanted Matt has always had a troubled relationship with his father, he joined the Navy, and then came home taking a job as the deputy He is shocked to learn about Kenzie s existence, and he wants to make up for lost time, and be a part of her life As he and Lacie work together, he starts to have feelings for her, but she s been looking for a job and he doesn t want to get attached if she is leaving I really admired how he makes the effort to mend things with his father, and be a role model for Kenzie.Lacie has always like Matt, but he always liked her sister She is responsible and dedicated to her family, she doesn t want Matt to take Kenzie away from her She loves her niece and has leaned on her faith to sustain her Kenzie is so adorable, and I love how Lacie has also discipled he The Deputy s Holiday Family is a heartwarming love story, perfect for Christmas or any time of year In book 2 of the Rocky Mountain Heroes series, I loved returning to the awesomely beautiful area of Ouray, Colorado, and I doubt that even five books will give me enough time with the Stephens family five brothers and their dad.I felt for Matt, whose day to day life is clouded by a difficult relationship with his dad Then Lacie, a sweet friend from his past, enters his world and nothing is the same Kenzie, Lacie s niece, is a five year old thief of hearts, and I loved the scenes between this sheriff s deputy and sweet Kenzie The Christmas season adds a special touch to I love the small town theater and law enforcement elements of this story There s just something special about tight knit communities and the friendships that are formed within them.Obenhaus rocks the Christmas cheer like a shining star and I m ready to pack my bags for Ouray, Colorado Lacie and Matt each deal with their unique situation and family drama in an authentic manner and the adorable little girl at the center of Is there anything better than a Love Inspired holiday romance read Very few things top these heartwarming reads.There is a lot to like about The Deputy s Holiday Family Christmas celebrations Check Cute kid Check Family, community, and plenty of conflict for the hero and heroine Check, check, and check Plus a slow building romance that kept me up way past my bedtime to get to the HEA at the end.And Mindy Obenhaus s book is one of the many reasons Love Inspired books are well, loved The people of Ouray, Colorado draw you in and invite you to stay a while and enjoy the magic of Christmas and falling in love Plus, I m a bit of a sap when it comes to the friends to romance, so this one just hit all the right high notes for me.Disclosure statement I receive complimentary books from publishers, publicists, and or authors, including NetGalley I am not required to write positive reviews T This is the second book in the Rocky Mountain Heroes series, which follows of a family of brothers However, this book can definitely stand alone if you have not read the first book in the series, Their Ranch Reunion.Although Lacie and Matt were once friends, this is not your typical friends to romance plot Lacie and Matt s friendship fell apart years earlier when Matt started dating Lacie s sister This is of a reunion story with a twist.I really enjoyed the way these two were brought together in this small town, and watching as Matt MY THOUGHTS ON THIS BOOKAnother awesome sweet romance from author Mindy Obenhaus I really love this Rocky Mountain Heroes series that is set in Ouray Colorado Ouray is a peaceful small town with loving people, just like a town I would love to live in I m glad this book is Lacy and Matt s story, to learn about their lives Lacie decides to take her niece Kenzie to her mothers home in Ouray for the holidays She is surprised to see Matt Stevens when he pulled her over forced to bad driving Being in Ouray will not be easy because of her bad crush in Matt when she was younger But as circumstances keep throwing them together, and as they spend time with each other, a major secret surfaces, as well as attraction between the two grows, tensions seem to run ragged as the holidays keep them busy.Love this sweet story by Mindy Obenhaus as well as the other two I have read I grew to love some of these characters in the first two books I read in this series After loosing her sister, Lacie is raising her sisters daughter Kenzie Lacie is helping with the Christmas program, and discovers that Matt as well, forcing them to spend even time together And with Matt being around Kenzie and getting a good look at her, it has him ask

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It took Mindy Obenhaus forty years to figure out what she wanted to do when she grew up But once God called her to write, she never looked back A three time Carol Award finalist, Mindy is passionate about touching readers with Biblical truths in an entertaining, and sometimes adventurous, manner She lives on a ranch in Texas with her husband, the youngest of her five children and two dogs When

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