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容疑者Xの献身 [Yōgi-sha X no Kenshin] The Devotion of Suspect X is the third book of the Detective Galileo series by the author Keigo Higashino The reason why I believe it has managed to attain such popularity, is because the book has broken free from the shackles of the typical whodunnit format The author presents us with a greater challenge than wondering who the murderer is he keeps us guessing about how the murder can be hidden, in order to make it a perfect crime.The premise of the story, as oft repeated, is simple Yasuko is a single mother to her teen aged daughter Misato She is frequently troubled by her ex husband who reappears intermittently to extort money from her One day, things go a little out of hand, and Yasuko, in a terrible fit of rage, ends up killing him Her neighbor Ishigami, a high school maths teacher, comes to her rescue He gives her the perfect alibi, with the perfect plan to cover up the murder.Investigating the murder is Detective Kusanagi, who finds himself drawn into one of his most puzzling cases He can sense something is wrong, but can t put his finger to it Thus, he takes the help of his friend, Yukawa, a physist with a penchant to solve crimes, thus earning himself the title Detective Galileo.What follows next is th This has been one of the top thrillers I have read this year and this story is like nothing I have ever read I will talk about this in my review.Firstly this is originally a Japanese novel and has been translated into English The translation is done pretty well and the flow of the story is really good.Basic Plot A crime is committed and then a plan is formed to cover up the crimeWhat they needed was a perfect defense based on perfect logicWhat happens when the investigation is being done by a genius and the cover up by a mastermind.This book was like an i Yasuko Hanaoka Is A Divorced, Single Mother Who Thought She Had Finally Escaped Her Abusive Ex Husband Togashi When He Shows Up One Day To Extort Money From Her, Threatening Both Her And Her Teenaged Daughter Misato, The Situation Quickly Escalates Into Violence And Togashi Ends Up Dead On Her Apartment Floor Overhearing The Commotion, Yasuko S Next Door Neighbor, Middle Aged High School Mathematics Teacher Ishigami, Offers His Help, Disposing Not Only Of The Body But Plotting The Cover Up Step By Step When The Body Turns Up And Is Identified, Detective Kusanagi Draws The Case And Yasuko Comes Under Suspicion Kusanagi Is Unable To Find Any Obvious Holes In Yasuko S Manufactured Alibi And Yet Is Still Sure That There S Something Wrong Kusanagi Brings In Dr Manabu Yukawa, A Physicist And College Friend Who Frequently Consults With The Police Yukawa, Known To The Police By The Nickname Professor Galileo, Went To College With Ishigami After Meeting Up With Him Again, Yukawa Is Convinced That Ishigami Had Something To Do With The Murder What Ensues Is A High Level Battle Of Wits, As Ishigami Tries To Protect Yasuko By Outmaneuvering And Outthinking Yukawa, Who Faces His Most Clever And Determined Opponent Yet. Not only is THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X a multi faceted cultural reading experience, but it also acutely complements the familiar psychological suspense thriller mystery genre by infusing Japanese philosophy Keigo Higashino shrewdly and subtly induces the reader to contemplate the immeasurable complexities of the human psyche by questioning what motivates one human being to judge who is worthy of life, and who is not.Tetsuya Ishigami s daily schedule is precisely what one would expect of a Japanese mathematics teacher His unsuccessful attempts to motivate visibly bored and apathetic students discourage Ishigami, and his one true passion of solving a complex mathematical formula, lies outside of the classroom within the confines of his small apartment A barren life carved out of necessity dramatically changes when Yasuko and her daughter Misato introduce themselves as his new neighbors He imagines a fantasy life with them, listening to mother and daughter through the thin apartment walls, and his daily walk to school includes a stop to purchase his boxed lunch at the small shop where Yasuko works Within this fictitious context, Ishigami surprisingly exhibits a fierce desire to protect both mother and dau I have to say this book was a delight The plot was very good I had to google some stuff, lol, but I learned a few things I didn t know before this book Thanks to my Goodreads friend, LaTonya for the recommendation. Wowwww I loved this so much It was so great watching this puzzle come together Watch my full review Jusqu la toute fin, j ai cru que ce roman tait une simple histoire polici re tr s agr able lire L intrigue tait originale et intelligente, avec une construction rarement vue dans d autres titres du genre, et une ambiance propre la culture japonaise, mais sans motions fortes Et puis il y a eu les explications, et j ai tout vu d un autre oeil, avec la gorge t What a fantastic book Brilliant plot narration by the author One of the best books in the thriller genre I have read so far It is about a murder and how the protagonist helps the culprit cover up the crime recreating the crime scene not disclosing the deta The classic whodunit works by misdirection, same as a magic trick As is the case with the magician, so with the mystery writer the the skill in the smoothness of execution, the mystifying the trick seems But unlike the magician who never tells , the author tells everything in the end as the clever detective reveals how the public have been duped by the villain, the reader is also equally dumbfounded The success of the mystery is in direct proportion to the amount of mystification.In this novel, Keigo Higashimo presents a clever variation The murder happens during the first and second chapters, and we immediately know who committed it Yasuko, a single mother living alone with her daughter is forced to kill her ex husband in self defence When she plans to turn herself in, her neighbour Ishigami, a reclusive mathematical genius who is obsessed with her, prevents it He concocts a seemingly unbreakable alibi for mother and daughter however, unfortunately for Ishigami, the physicist and amateur sleuth Manabu Yukawa, his former classmate and genius of equal standing is on the case The Devotion of Suspect X is a must read for anyone who appreciates police procedurals, mysteries, math, Japan, literature I could go on The Devotion of Suspect X is the third in the Detective Galileo series, but I didn t once have the impression that I lacked background or relationship information gleaned from the initial 2 books In fact, there were no references to prior cases or mysteries to suggest that earlier books existed If not for the publishers blurbs on the book, I d not have guessed they did.So why is The Devotion of Suspect X an excellent read 1 The lead detective, Kusanagi, is a normal, standard, by the book, thoughtful, straight arrow What distinguishes this novel from other police procedurals is Kusanagi s friend, Yukawa, a physicist Yukawa solves the mystery and cares deeply about the outcome Because.2 Ishigami, a high school math teacher whose brilliance and devotion to math are here allocated to assisting his ordinary, likable next door neighbor in covering up a murder, by employing masterful misdirection to focus the police on time wasting, unimportant quest

About the Author: Keigo Higashino

is one of the most popular and biggest selling fiction authors in Japan as well known as James Patterson, Dean Koontz or Tom Clancy are in the USA.Born in Osaka, he started writing novels while still working as an engineer at Nippon Denso Co presently DENSO He won the Edogawa Rampo Prize, which is awarded annually to the finest mystery work, in 1985 for the novel H kago After School at age 27 Subsequently, he quit his job and started a career as a writer in Tokyo.In 1999, he won the Mystery Writers of Japan Inc award for the novel Himitsu The Secret , which was translated into English by Kerim Yasar and published by Vertical under the title of Naoko in 2004 In 2006, he won the 134th Naoki Prize for Y gisha X no Kenshin His novels had been nominated five times before winning with this novel The Devotion of Suspect X was the second highest selling book in all of Japan fiction or nonfiction the year it was published, with over 800,000 copies sold It won the prestigious Naoki Prize for Best Novel the Japanese equivalent of the National Book Award and the Man Booker Prize Made into a motion picture in Japan, The Devotion of Suspect X spent 4 weeks at the top of the box office and was the third highest grossing film of the year.Higashino s novels have movie and TV series adaptations than Tom Clancy or Robert Ludlum, and as many as Michael Crichton.

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