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The Disgraceful Lord Gray (The Kings Elite #3) PDF Epub The Disgraceful Lord Gray The Kings Elite 3 Author Virginia Heath Thegreatwallonline.us A Spy On A Mission Until He Meets This Heiress Part Of The King S Elite Miss Theodora Cranford S Learned To Keep Her Impetuous Nature Locked Away She Won T Be Deceived By Another Man Who Can T See Past Her Fortune She Wants An Honourable, Sensible Sort Not A Self Assured Scoundrel Like Her New Neighbour, Lord Gray Although She S Sure There S To Him Than Meets The Eye But After That First Captivating Kiss, She S Certainly Left Wanting Lord Graham Chadwick, known to his friends as Gray, wants this promotion so much he can almost taste it Capturing The Boss, the mastermind behind a huge smuggling operation on British soil, guarantees that Lord Fenni, his superior, will make Gray head the Invisibles, the King s Elite best of the best In all appearances, that traitor is Viscount Gislingham, Gray s and Fenni s temporary neighbor in Suffolk Miss Theodora Thea Cranford had accompanied her friend Harriet, who fancies herself a painter, when they hear a dog s frantic barks When Thea finally sees the dog, she also gets an eyeful of his master Gray s bare bottom Gray is enchanted by the redhead in front of him Who knew the treacherous viscount had such a fetching niece It will make befriending the viscount a much pleasant task, but Fenni has forbidden any flirting unless it is essential to the mission s success.THE DISGRACEFUL LORD GRAY is oh so seductive The agent, the man, and the master of the untrainable Trefor is positively scrumptious Trefor, Gray s dog, does play an active role in the romance he is no Virginia Heath bounds back into form with The Disgraceful Lord Grey, the third book in her King s Elite series about group of gentlemen spies charged with putting a stop to the activities of a particularly elusive and dangerous smuggling ring with links to Napol on With the ring s operations now brought to a halt, all that remains is to cut off the head, so to speak, and unmask the person who s been pulling the strings, known only as The Boss The investigations of the King s Elite have narrowed this down to one of two people and in this story, Lord Graham Chadwick Gray travels to Suffolk accompanied by Lord Fenni, the head of the King s Elite, in order to infiltrate the small social circle of Viscount Gislingham in continuance of the investigation.Unfortunately, however, he doesn t get off to the best of starts when Gislingham s niece happens upon him cavorting naked in the stream on the estate and then his huge dog, Trefor Gray is of Welsh descent, or at least he grew up there knocks her in as well.Oops.Miss Thea Cranford has lived with her uncle and aunt since the death of her parents, and at twenty three, remains unmarried She s heiress to an enormous fortune and a youthful infatuation for a man whose affection turned out to be Romantic, rousing, and entertaining The Disgraceful Lord Gray is set in the Suffolk countryside during 1820 and features the feisty, willful Theodora Cranford who may unexpectedly find herself in need of a hero, as well as the dashing, yet jaded Lord Gray who may finally have found the right woman to give his heart to.The prose is witty and authentic The characters are warm, passionate, and mischievous, including the lovable, four legged, incorrigible Trefor And the plot is an amusing, mysterious mix of Regency lifestyle, scoundrel behaviour, family drama, attraction, humorous antics, espionage, mishaps, danger, and romance.Overall, The Disgraceful Lord Gray is a lighthearted, engaging, delightful read that s perfect for anyone who loves historical romance with a side of adventure And even though it I received this book by Rachel s Random Resources blog tour in exchange for an honest review, thank you so much to Rachel and Virginia for giving me the opportunity to read and review The Disgraceful Lord Gray Oh my, my, my what an amazing and fun book was The Disgraceful Lord Gray I absolutely and thoroughly loved everything about it I am so glad and happy that I decided to join the blog tour for this book because I really been wanted to get back into reading historical romance books especially if it is set in the Regency era And The Disgraceful Lord Gray did not disappoint me at all I had so much fun reading this book from the very beginning to the very end Now I don t want to go into any details about this book without being to spoiler but I will say the beginning of the book was a great start to begin the story, and it had me absolutely swoony for Lord Gray from the very start Especially when Miss Theodora Cranford aka Thea first meet Lord Grey at the Brooke with his adorable dog and she was really blushing as red as an apple to head to toe, I really don t blame Thea for making a complete fool of herself I would of made a complete fool outta myself as well if I

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