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The Dogboys Bundle There S A Mysterious New Drug That Can Make Men Into Obedient Sex Objects, But In The Wrong Hands It Can Also Give Them Dog Like Qualities, Transforming Them Into Animalistic Pets With No Willpower Of Their Own Richard And His Friends Only Wanted To Experiment With The Drug And Have A Little Fun, But They Soon Find Themselves In Over Their Heads And Turned Halfway Into Dogs Over The Course Of Days, A Battle Of Will Ensues Who Will Retain Their Humanity Who Will Lose Themselves In The Transformation The Fight For Control Over Their Own Bodies Is Relentlessly Sexual, With Each Man Struggling To Assert Dominance Or Bask In Submission Along The Way, Richard S Meek Nerdy Assistant Is Accidentally Transformed Into A Swaggering Muscle Man And His Roommate, Who Initially Thinks It S All A Big Joke, Soon Finds Himself Barking On All Fours A Drug Dealer Who Tries To Bring Men Under His Control Will Find The Tables Turned, And A Laboratory Experiment Turns A Team Of Engineers Into A Grunting Pack Of Naked Grunting Pig Men This Is The Full Twelve Part Collection Of The Dogboys Series, 49,000 Words Long, With A Bonus Thirteenth Chapter Not Available In Any Other Form It Features Erotic Transformations, Pup Play, Bondage, Obedience Training, A Little Pissing And Chastity, Rubber Pups, Twinks And Jocks And Nerds, Bukkake, Body Hair Growth, Mind Control, Sweat And Body Odor, Begging, Paws, And Men Forced Into Humiliating And Embarrassing Situations An Excerpt Richard And Josh Crept Quietly To The Back Door Of The Old House After Their Ordeal Earlier In The Day, They Still Hadn T Bothered To Find Clothes They Were Both Still Mostly Human Just A Bushy Tail On Richard, And Stumpy Tail Protruding From The Small Of Allen S Muscular Back Allen S Tail Wagged As They Looked Out Of The Back Door Four Dogboys Were Playing In The Back Yard They Had Paws, Tails, Furry Ears And Black Noses, But Aside From That They Looked Like Male Models Muscular, Young, Jock Ish They Looked College Age, Like Frat Guys Allen Must Have Loved Transforming Them Into His Pets Richard Smiled Keep An Eye On The Guard, He Told Josh I M Going To Take Care Of Those Guys Can I Fuck Him Josh Asked If He Lets You, Said Richard And If He Doesn T Let You, Give Him A Dose And Then Order Him To Let You He Stepped Out Of The Back Door The Four Men All Perked Up And Looked Over At Him Hey Boys, Richard Said I M Here To Turn You Back They Evidently Understood What That Meant, Because All Four Rushed Over To Him And Started Jumping Up On Him, Placing Their Paws On His Chest And Panting Happily One Of Them, A Guy With Black Hair, Barked Repeatedly He Took Away Your Voice, Huh Said Richard The Man Barked Again Okay, Boys, Said Richard Down They All Obeyed, Sitting In Front Of Him And Trying To Stay Calm Their Tails Were Wagging I Want You All To Jack Off Until You Come, Richard Said, And Their Tails Wagged Even Faster That Ll Turn You Back To Human Just Whatever You Do, Don T Get Any On Me The Black Haired One Who Was Barking Before Stood Back Up On All Fours, Looked At The Other Guys, And Then Darted Forward To Lick Richard S Dick Now Hold On, Said Richard I Can T Let You Another Of The Guys, A Redhead, Raced Around To Richard S Ass And Pressed His Face Into The Crack, Tonguing Richard S Hole.

About the Author: Douglas Benjamin

I tell stories about the animalistic qualities of power, manipulation, and control By day, I m a quiet government employee, working for a high profile public figure But as soon as I leave the office, I dive into a dark world of bondage and discipline that infuses my writing I can be found at gay bars and sex clubs all across the west coast, sliding my hands under mens clothes and letting them

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    I ve decided that this is my favorite so far from Douglas Benjamin I routinely come back to this story because of a few elements I love the premise of an unwilling change becoming liked by the character, and how characters are sucked into being transformed and end up liking it On the opposite end of the spectrum, I like how a few characters get turned into full animals against

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