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The Domino Enigma (The Domino Series #2) Download The Domino Enigma The Domino Series 2 Author Cyrian Amberlake Eiyo.us At Estwych, Josephine Had Learned The Value Of Obedience She Had Tasted Iron And Leather She Had Been Abased And Degraded And Exalted To Eternity Her Training Had Hardly Begun Summoned By The Double Blank To A Life Of Subjection At The Hands Of The Unknown Masters, Josephine Must Learn To Surrender Completely To Surrender Her Bodyand Her Soul In This Sequel To The

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    Reading the Domino books, I learnt how to write BDSM fiction.This second book in the trilogy moves into quite dark and brutal BDSM territory in the middle section, but still has a strange beauty to it The writing is breathtakingly good, levels beyond most works in the genre, and the author somehow manages to make you root for a heroine who sometimes doesn t seem very likeable She can be self serving bitch but you still car

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    Josephine Morrow is sent a double blank domino which indicates a master has selected her for a life of total dominance She is sent to a chateau in France for training and when her will is finally broken, she is able to meet her master Well, it was certainly a...

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    now that s some serious BDSM you need a very open mind to read this one, evenso than The Domino Tattoo.I was a bit confused put off by some of it, but other parts were fantastic Josephine, like in the previous book,...

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