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The First Bohemians The Colourful, Salacious And Sumptuously Illustrated Story Of Covent Garden The Creative Heart Of Georgian London From Wolfson Prize Winning Author Vic GatrellSHORT LISTED FOR THE HESSELL TILTMAN PRIZE 2014In The Teeming, Disordered, And Sexually Charged Square Half Mile Centred On London S Covent Garden Something Extraordinary Evolved In The 18th Century It Was The World S First Creative Bohemia The Nation S Most Significant Artists, Actors, Poets, Novelists, And Dramatists Lived Here From Soho And Leicester Square Across Covent Garden S Piazza To Drury Lane, And Down From Long Acre To The Strand, They Rubbed Shoulders With Rakes, Prostitutes, Market People, Craftsmen, And Shopkeepers It Was An Often Brutal World Full Of Criminality, Poverty And Feuds, But Also Of High Spirits, And Was As Culturally Creative As Any Other In History Virtually Everything That We Associate With Georgian Culture Was Produced Here.Vic Gatrell S Spectacular New Book Recreates This Time And Place By Drawing On A Vast Range Of Sources, Showing The Deepening Fascination With Real Life That Resulted In The Work Of Artists Like Hogarth, Blake, And Rowlandson, Or In Great Literary Works Like The Beggar S Opera And Moll Flanders The First Bohemians Is Illustrated By Over Two Hundred Extraordinary Pictures, Many Rarely Seen, For Gatrell Celebrates Above All One Of The Most Fertile Eras In Britain S Artistic History He Writes About Joshua Reynolds And J M W Turner As Well As The Forgotten Figures Who Contributed To What Was A True Golden Age The Men And Women Who Briefly Dazzled Their Contemporaries Before Being Destroyed Or Made By This Magical But Also Ferocious World. A totally great, full to overflowing study of the Covent Garden art world in the eighteenth century Hogarth, Rowlandson, Blake, Gillray, and other incredible satirists, landscape painters and engravers burst from the pages If you re into this sort of A charming portrait of 18th century Covent Garden and the people there the highs and lows, the famous, the infamous and the less known As is said, somewhere in the book and I m paraphrasing , the ordinary people are the ones that are hardest to come close to, for the simple reason that th I can t remember having read a book that so informatively and intelligently places art in the context of both time and geography Unfortunately, the reproductions in the edition I read were not clear enough or large enough to see the details guess that s a good enough re

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