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The Follower SHE D DO ANYTHING FOR HER HUSBAND.Julie Has The Perfect Life.A Kind Boyfriend, Loving Parents And Good Grades She Has Everything Ahead Of Her.Cora S Life Is A Nightmare.A Psychopath For A Husband, A Violent Father And A Terrible Secret There S No Way Out.But One Night, Their Worlds Collide Locked In An Isolated House Together, They Must Work Out What Has Happened And Who They Can Trust To Set Them Free.From The Bestselling Author Of The Never List, This Is A Breath Taking New Thriller About The Wife Of A Kidnapper And Her Relationship With His Last Victim.

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    NYU student Julie Brockman is abducted She spends captivity in a small cell growing weaker by the day but still determined to find freedom once I liked some parts of this book than others and it took getting to the halfway point for me to fall into a steady rhythm w...

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    Ah, the dreaded second book Half of me didn t even want to read this because I was so worried that I would compare it to The Never List which I recently put in a list of my top 20 books of the last few years But I tried to put those feelings to the side and read this on its own merits And while it didn t live up to, for me p

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    This novel is very character driven There are three characters Julie, Cora and Adam who are the main focus but there was actually one that I felt this novel was really most about and here s a surprise it wasn t the girl kept captive Don t get me wrong, I felt for Julie, the girl that got abducted and locked up in a room with boa

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    I liked the author s previous title, The Never list, although the characters weren t perfect, it suprised me with it s unexpected twists and turns I hoped that she would have ironed out the character issues in her second book, but unfortunately this was only okay for me Although it was suspenseful at times, I never connected with th

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    When Julie is kidnapped and taken to somewhere remote..she meets CoraBut Cora isn t like Julie.Zan s second novel is creepy, intriguing and I really liked it The characters are well developed and there is an actual story.Unlike many books of this genre I was interested in the lives of the people and the reasons behind Julie s captivity.

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    The tricky second novelAs she is making her way back to university one evening, Julie is abducted She is kept in a locked room and gradually learns a little about her captors The man, James, is a fanatic who has created his own distorted religion and for a time had a small group of followers All have since deserted him except for his wife C

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    3.5 I loved The Never List This was a good story and I did enjoy it for the most part, though there always felt like there was something missing that I can t put my finger on The ending was way to abrupt and left too...

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    Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for allowing me to read an arc of this book I loved The Never List and recommend it to everyone so when I saw this I was really excited to read it The rest of my TBR was instantly ignore...

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    I would have given stars if it wasn t for the ending I was really shocked when I turned the page and found the booked had just abrubtly ended There were too many loose ends still Apart from that it was a very good read Julie is abducted one evening late, at a train station When they get to the abductor s house, there is another woman and Julie thought

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    A fast read, based on an implausible concept of human psychology, with a frustrating end.

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About the Author: Koethi Zan

When Koethi Zan was born in the sleepy farming town of Opp, Alabama, the City of Opportunity, her mother was Valedictorian of the local public high school and her father the star of its football team Her parents named her after the homecoming queen of Lurleen B Wallace Junior College, perhaps hopeful that some of that glory would rub off on her But Koethi would never be a homecoming queen I