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The Food of Paradise Hawaii Has One Of The Richest Culinary Heritages In The United States Where Else Would You Find Competitions For The Best Saimin, Sushi, Portuguese Sausage, Laulau, Plate Lunch, Kim Chee, Dim Sum, Shave Ice, And Hamburgers Hawaii S Contemporary Regional Cuisine Affectionately Known As Local Food By Residents Is A Truly Amazing Fusion Of Diverse Culinary Influences In The Food Of Paradise Exploring Hawaii S Culinary Heritage, Rachel Laudan Takes Readers On A Thoughtful, Wide Ranging Tour Of Hawaii S Farms And Gardens, Fish Auctions And Vegetable Markets, Fairs And Carnivals, Mom And Pop Stores And Lunch Wagons, To Uncover The Delightful Complexities And Incongruities In Hawaii S Culinary History That Have Led To Such Creations As Saimin, Crack Seed, And Butter Mochi Part Personal Memoir, Part Historical Narrative, Part Cookbook, The Food Of Paradise Begins With A Series Of Essays That Describe Laudan S Initial Encounter With A Particular Local Food, An Encounter That Puzzled Her And Eventually Led To Tracing Its Origins And Influence In Hawaii Representative Recipes Follow Like Pidgin, The Creole Language Created By Hawaii S Early Immigrants, Local Food Is A Creole Cuisine Created By Three Distinct Culinary Influences Pacific, American And European, And Asian In Her Attempt To Decipher Hawaii S Culinary Babel, Laudan Examines The Contributions Of Each, Including The Introduction Of New Ingredients And The Adaptation Of Traditional Dishes To Hawaii S Way Of Life More Than 150 Recipes, Photographs, A Bibliography Of Hawaii S Cookbooks, And An Extensive Glossary Make The Food Of Paradise An Invaluable Resource For Cooks, Food Historians, And Hawaiian Buffs.

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    I picked this book up at the gift shop at Iolani Palace It was kind of expensive 33 , but it was the last copy and looked really interesting Not to mention it won a Julia Child Cookbook Award To say this book is only a cookbook, though, would be a big mistake It should almost be classified as a history book It tells the history of Hawaii thro

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    Part history, part anthropology, part culinary this is my kind of book In fact, it s one of my favorite cookbooks ever, and not just because it reminds me of Hawaii I often use cookbooks as guidebooks when I travel, because I like to understand the culinary history of the places I go I used this book on a recent trip to Hawaii sure, the beaches ar

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    I am really enjoying this book.

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