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The Forest The Forest Free Download Author Edward Rutherfurd Chardonneret.eu Few Places Lie Closer To The Heart Of The Nation S Heritage Than The New Forest Now, Edward Rutherfurd, Weaves Its History And Legends Into Compelling Fiction From The Mysterious Killing Of King William Rufus, Treachery And Witchcraft, Smuggling And Poaching Run Through This Epic Tale Of Well Born Ladies, Lowly Woodsmen, Sailors, Merchants And Cistercian Monks The Feuds, Wars, Loyalties And Passions Of Generations Reach Their Climax In A Crime That Shatters The Decorous Society Of Jane Austen S Bath, And Whose Ramifications Continue Through The Age Of The Victorian Railway Builders To The Ecologists Of The Present Day.

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    Even the forest grows new oaks When I see a book by Edward Rutherfurd, the effects are the same as when I see a creation by Ken Follett I believe that most die hard lovers of Historical Fiction have placed these two writers on a high pedestal Rutherfurd s books aren t heavy on the romance element like Fol...

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    The format of this book is like all of Rutherford s others historical fiction This story takes place in a location that is very near Sarum the subject of his int l best selling breakout book , but its emphasis is much different the focus is on how the forest in this area affects the people that live there and vice versa You get wafts of the big events e.g Que

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    The Forest stars England s New Forest over a thousand years of development I read it back in 2005, and still remember much of the plot today in other words, it s a story that stays in a reader s mind Through everyday conflicts in his characters lives fighting over a lover, family disputes, making enough money to feed yourself, living under corrupt leaders Rut

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    Whereas London The Novel focuses on, obviously, the city of London, The Forest focuses on the development of England as a whole over the centuries Much of English history concerned the independent hamlets and regions that felt very little connection to the King and to London until the past few hundred years It was fun to read about the small agrarian communitie

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    It is rare when I read a book, that I wish for it to end for other reasons that I want to find out what happens to the characters I have come to know and like This book, however, I just wished to end so I could get it over with and move on to something better.The book is composed of several short stories taking place in and around the New Forrest, telling storie

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    This is the second Rutherfurd book I have read and it was just wonderful I learnt so much about the New Forest and its ways and the lives of the people who lived there I love his books but because they are so huge they take me such a long time to read.Back Cover Blurb Few places lie closer to the heart of the nation s heritage than the New Forest The author weave

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    This is my favorite of the ones about England It spans a large area with a lot of folklore, witchcraft, and strong females.

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    This is an exception to my usual reading but not in a good way I have read a couple of his other books and swore to venture there noThey should be just the sort of thing to appeal to me but they so very don t As I came in to write this I noticed that he cites James A Michener as an influence Well Says it all he s one of the few others to reside on a mental list of

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    I discovered this gem at my local Half Price Books I had just finished The Princes of Ireland, one of hisrecent books, and, even though I knew nothing about the area in which he was writing, it was hard not to fall in love with the characters For once, Rutherford deviates from tales of the British upper crust to the forest folk farmers, charcoal makers and even monk

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    History of the New Forest dating from 11th century to present day, told through the memorable people of the Forest the Prides, Puckles, Cola the huntsman Albion family , Furzeys, Tottons, the Seagulls From medieval...

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