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The Girl Who Disappeared Twice (Forensic Instincts, #1) Reading The Girl Who Disappeared Twice Forensic Instincts, 1 Author Andrea Kane Wgf2011.eu She Couldn T Stop It.Not Then.Not Now.If She D Only Turned Her Head, She Would Have Seen The Car Containing Her Daughter, Struggling To Get Out Struggling To Escape Her Kidnapper.Despite All Her Years Determining The Fates Of Families, Veteran Family Court Judge Hope Willis Couldn T Save Her Own Now She S Frantically Grasping At Any Hope For Krissy S Rescue Her Husband Dead Set Against It, She Calls Casey Woods And Her Team Of Renegade Investigators, Forensic Instincts.A Behaviorist.A Techno Wizard.An Intuitive.A Former Navy SEAL Unconventional Operatives.All With Unique Talents And Personal Reasons For Being Part Of Casey S Group, They Ll Do Whatever It Takes.Able To Accurately Read People After The Briefest Of Encounters, Casey Leads Her Crew To Krissy S Home There, She Picks Up The Signs Of A Nervous Spouse, A Guilty Conscience, A Nanny That Hides On Her Cell She Watches As Secrets Beg To Creep Into The Open Forensic Instincts Will Dig Through Each Tiny Clue And Eliminate The Clutter But Time Is Running Out, And Even Working Around The Clock, The Authorities Are Bound By The Legal System Not So Casey S Team For They Know That The Difference Between Krissy Coming Back Alive And Disappearing Forever Could Be As Small As A Suspect S Rapid Breathing, Or As Deep As Hope S Dark Family History.

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    First off let me saw that I am not a big fan of Kane s writing style The story is meant for adults, but the writing is seems like it was meant for high schoolers It was simple, but not with the class or grace that someone like Agatha Christie has Christie s stories are simply written, yet elegant in their p

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    Have you ever noticed when you read a great book that you ve fallen in love with the characters so much that you just know in your heart that they ll return in another book in the future That s what I thought when I read The Girl Who Disappeared Twice by Andrea Kane Not so much for Judge Hope Willis and her fami

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    I was very disappointed Predictable, lackluster writing, no character development Why did I read the whole thing I kept thinking it must get better, it couldn t be that inane It was.

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    Very VERY pleased to stumble upon this first installment in why I hope will be a psychologically thrilling mystery series

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    I have very few rules about what I WON T read I won t read novels about vampire lovers.I won t read books with pictures of over endowed and half dressed pouty women or men, for that matter on the dust cover I won t read books that glorify sadism or sadists I won t read books about Hitler And I won t read mystery or crime books

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    I haven t read any Andrea Kane before, and I was in a bit of a mystery mood when I saw this book on a library mystery display It was disappointing The opening scenes were well done and quickly got my attention But by the time I d finished chapter 4, I had figured out who did it or at least generally what was going on I continued re

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    The book wasfocused on the case rather than the characters I only got to know them on the professional level that they re the best in their field There were bits and snippets about their personalities but not much I didn t mind because this being the first book so I was hoping to get to know themin the other books Also, there were some

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    Let me start off by saying if you like the new show Criminal Mind Suspect Behaviour , you will like this book Very early on, we find out who the suspect is which was a bit of a let down for me Fortunately, the rest of book deals with the why Why would someone kidnap a young girl.The story flows nicely, the writing is well done I must say, pe

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    The only reason I stayed with this book was to see if I was correct about whodunnit I figured it out very early, and the title sort of gives it away, so I think that would be the first thing I would change, were I the editor.The writing was kind of lame way too many conversations explaining simple stuff, with declarative sentences, that made you

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    Interesting premise, but didn t quite hold together Lot s of stock characters, none of whom are original or compelling Basically, this is a series pilot Establishes the team for books yet to come I won t be bothering to read any of them.

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