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The Good Soldier First Published In 1915, Ford Madox Ford S The Good Soldier Begins, Famously And Ominously, This Is The Saddest Story I Have Ever Heard The Book Then Proceeds To Confute This Pronouncement At Every Turn, Exposing A World Less Sad Than Pathetic, And Shot Through With Hypocrisy And Deceit Than Its Incredulous Narrator, John Dowell, Cares To Imagine Somewhat Forgotten As A Classic, The Good Soldier Has Been Called Everything From The Consummate Novelist S Novel To One Of The Greatest English Works Of The Century And Although Its Narrative Hook The Philandering Of An Otherwise Noble Man No Longer Shocks, Its Unerring Cadences And Doleful Inevitabilities Proclaim An Enduring Appeal Ford S Novel Revolves Around Two Couples Edward Ashburnham The Title S Soldier And His Capable If Off Putting Wife, Leonora And Long Transplanted Americans John And Florence Dowell The Foursome S Ostensible Amiability, On Display As They Pass Parts Of A Dozen Pre World War I Summers Together In Germany, Conceals The Fissures In Each Marriage John Is Miserably Mismatched With The Garrulous, Cuckolding Florence And Edward, Dashing And Sentimental, Can T Refrain From Falling In Love With Women Whose Charms Exceed Leonora S Predictably, Edward And Florence Conduct Their Affair, An Indiscretion Only John Seems Not To Notice After The Deaths Of The Two Lovers, And After Leonora Explains Much Of The Truth To John, He Recounts The Events Of Their Four Lives With An Extended Inflection Of Outrage From His Retrospective Perch, His Recollections Simmer With A Bitter Skepticism Even As He Expresses Amazement At How Much He Overlooked.Dowell S Resigned Narration Is Flawlessly Conversational Haphazard, Sprawling, Lusting For Sympathy He Exudes Self Preservation Even As He Alternately Condemns And Lionizes Edward If I Had Had The Courage And The Virility And Possibly Also The Physique Of Edward Ashburnham I Should, I Fancy, Have Done Much What He Did Stunningly, Edward S Adultery Comes To Seem Not Merely Excusable, But Almost Sublime Perhaps He Could Not Bear To See A Woman And Not Give Her The Comfort Of His Physical Attractions, John Surmises Ford S Novel Deserves Its Reputation If For No Other Reason Than The Elegance With Which It Divulges Hidden LivesBen Guterson The Good Soldier I found to be a difficult book to grasp, at least to begin with I felt the need to go back over the first 40 pages or so, just to try and accustom myself to it Things paid of in the end, but it really did require patience, a quiet room, and reading big chunks at a time, rather than just picking off a few pages here and there The theme is a strong one, that being marriage and adultery, with a narrator who you feel in the dark about, going over the events of two couples, one American, one English, the Ashburnhams, with whom they first meet at a German spa town early in the 1900 s, thus they strike up a comfortable friendship The story is told in a non chronological way, playing around with the memories of time And there is one thing that struck me that I didn t first realize, the narrator the American husband didn t hear the story, he was a participant, and an arrogant one at that The two couples would meet abroad for a month every year, and it transpires that one from each couple have been having a clandestine affair You get the sense everything is drenched in misery, worry and panic the longer it goes on, even a partial happy ending feels false In fact the very first line reads This is the saddest story I have ever heard Love here is most certainly Ford . In all matrimonial associations there is, I believe, one constant factor a desire to deceive the person with whom one lives as to some weak spot in one s character. page 86 Where ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise Most of us aspire to knowledge and perhaps we hope it will lead to wisdom But we make exceptions Sometimes major ones.Wilful ignorance of some dark behaviour of another or even oneself an affair, addiction, abuse, debt, or fraud, for example.The layers of deception and self deception build up The higher the walls, the damage if they come tumbling down.And acknowledging the possible wrongdoing of a friend, lover, or child raises doubts about our own judgement.If we dare think of it at all, we defend denial as self preservation.But sometimes the outcome of inaction is the opposite for others, if not ourselves That is what s at the weak heart of this novel.Similar themes are explored in a interesting way, in John Williams early novel, Nothing But the Night, which I reviewed HERE Presumed innocent until proved guilty It is the bedrock of our justice system, coded as article 11 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.That s fine in a court of law, but doesn t always work so well in personal relationships.Doubt gnaws away, from inside, to outside We believe or invent excuses It was only once I didn t realise what I was doing I was a bit drunk Everyone else was doing it I can t help it Maybe it s in my genes I was only l Storytelling is about as much an art as is writing Any piece of paper can have beautifully constructed sentences, impeccable prose, dazzling verses, yet when there simply is nothing to tell all those words are moot The alarming strength of the Good Soldier can be found in its maze like narration that starts off with an innocent consciousness that through the pages, like a survivor seeing a massacre unfold as a blinding mist slowly recedes, realizes one by one the sins of the world he once thought blameless Most novels take a linear approach to storytelling, which, if anything, makes it easier to follow But Ford Madox Ford s novel is unbridled both by the restraints of time, and the compunction to resist the temptation of misleading his audience Certainly there have been a whole score of writers who have attempted to untangle the deathly winding strings of chaotic storytelling, but it is Madox Ford who truly succeeds in this aspect, if not the first to render it so masterfully And so with this novel, it is no great wonder that he deeply influenced a bevy of wordsmiths who went on to become master storytellers themselves from Graham Greene to Julian Barnes On the surface, the Good Soldier is a tale about two couples, one American the Dowells, one English the Ashburnhams, whose interconnected lives head towards a collision that would leave each of them devastated and shatter the perfectly fragile image of mar We are all so afraid, we are all so alone, we all so need from the outside the assurance of our own worthiness to exist This novel is so stunning Oh my god I did not expect it to be this good.After reading this a second time for my term paper, I m still in awe of this book I ve never read anything quite like it First of all, I m glad I picked this up We were supposed to read this for a literature class and if it wasn t for this seminar, I would never have picked up this novel in the first place, because it s 1 old and 2 that title sound super boring Well, the title is just as misleading as this books narrator.In the end, I should have known Should have known that repeating I don t know 500 times is a good sign for a narrator s unreliability Should have noticed the obvious mix up of dates Should have recognised a liar when he s right in front of me But all in all my ignorance did result in a fantastic read Cause I never saw the many turns of events coming Classics can be surp Ford 0 , Aldina. Ford Madox Ford Ford Madox Ford 1904 1913 ,,,,,. What a sick, rotten, depraved society we re treated to, populated by liars and knaves, and yet I found myself heartbroken by the end, wondering what kind of magic spell Ford had cast on me Ford is an absolute master of technique in this case the use of flashbacks and an Oh Propriety Nowadays there s a word for Edward Ashburnham And I don t mean some modern vulgarity, unavailable to the Edwardians, something like emotional fuck up, appropriate as that may be or not No, I m thinking serial monogamist The term is new, because the concept is new At the turn of the 20th century there was monogamy Or there was promiscuity casual couplings with seamstresses, milliners, laundresses or the convenient and pliable housemaid A taboo subject, to be spoken of in hushed tones in polite society These affairs were of necessity casual, because the women, by succumbing to the blandishments of their suitors, had turned themselves into fallen women, immediately and irretrievably Business partners, the only question being that of remuneration or pay off when favours were no longer required So in an age when women were thought of as either Madonna or Magdalene, in matters of the heart, Edward is a modern man, one who sincerely believes himself in love with the object of his desire His laughable disconnect with conventional attitudes is portrayed in grotesque mode in his dealings with La Dolciquita, the mistress of the Grand Duke of Nauheim Schwerin With a passion that had arisen like a fire in dry corn Ashburnham is ready to declare his undying love after a single night The Sp

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Ford Madox Ford, born Ford Hermann Hueffer, was an English novelist, poet, critic and editor whose journals, The English Review and The Transatlantic Review, were instrumental in the development of early 20th century English literature.Ford Madox Ford was the author of over 60 works novels, poems, criticism, travel essays, and reminiscences His work includes The Good Soldier, Parade s End, The R

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