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The Gospel of Jesse Download The Gospel Of Jesse S.H McCord Chardonneret.eu I Guess Life Is Kind Of Like The Summer I Spent With Jesse Long Days Make Short Weeks, And You Don T Get Much Of A Chance To Be A Different Person PJUnable To Forgive Himself For His Involvement In A Tragic Crime, PJ Escapes To The Solitude Of Able Lake Every Year, Trying To Reconcile The Past And Put It Behind Him Now Suffering From Degenerative Memory Loss, He Struggles To Recall Events Surrounding The Tragedy And Confess To The Lake One Last Time Before It Is Too Late As He Tells A Story Of Small Town Conspiracy, Murder And Miracles, He Finds Salvation May Have Been With Him All Along. I finished reading on Monday evening and it has taken me until Friday to sort out my overwhelming impressions from this wonderfully conceived and written second novel by S H McCord Most of us receive our religious orientation from our parents, families, and the congregations we were raised in Wrapped in spiritualism, mysticism and majesty, almost wrapped and hermetically sealed, we experience our deity s interaction with man in the third person What if it happened today In your hometown At your church Cunningham had a rickety bridge keeping its undesirables out of their pristine community they had a no nonsense sheriff and rougher deputies to enforce his will on residents and the unfortunate stranger might wander into their jurisdiction and they had a preacher at the one and only church in town who dispensed the gospel with his own brand of prejudice and piousness, and of course, to his own benefit Jesse, son of carpenter Joe, hired to make an addition to the church dropped down into this perfectly self satisfied town and set radical change gently in motion The story is told by PJ, a resident of the town, member of the church s congregation, Spoiler alert in second paragraph S.H McCord has done it again I m such a big fan of his first book, The Bones of Boulder Creek His new book, The Gospel of Jesse, is beautifully written with twists and turns that will have you smiling one minute and sitting on the edge of your seat the next McCord s writing has a timeless quality and once again I found myself lost in his story, the characters, and vivid descriptions As the story unfolded, I found myself deep in a retelling of a familiar story written a couple thou

About the Author: S.H. McCord

S.H McCord is a public school math teacher, Georgia Author of the Year nominee, and Award Winning Finalist in The 2016 Best Book Awards McCord has a heart for stories of depth with crossover appeal for both adult and young adult readers His literary works include The Bones of Boulder Creek and the Gospel of Jesse Writing as Scott McCord, he s just released DANGERBALL Brother Ark Book I, the f

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