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The Guest List A Wedding Celebration Turns Dark And Deadly In This Deliciously Wicked And Atmospheric Thriller Reminiscent Of Agatha Christie From The Author Of The Hunting PartyThe Bride The Plus One The Best Man The Wedding Planner The Bridesmaid The BodyOn An Island Off The Coast Of Ireland, Guests Gather To Celebrate Two People Joining Their Lives Together As One The Groom Handsome And Charming, A Rising Television Star The Bride Smart And Ambitious, A Magazine Publisher It S A Wedding For A Magazine, Or For A Celebrity The Designer Dress, The Remote Location, The Luxe Party Favors, The Boutique Whiskey The Cell Phone Service May Be Spotty And The Waves May Be Rough, But Every Detail Has Been Expertly Planned And Will Be Expertly ExecutedBut Perfection Is For Plans, And People Are All Too Human As The Champagne Is Popped And The Festivities Begin, Resentments And Petty Jealousies Begin To Mingle With The Reminiscences And Well Wishes The Groomsmen Begin The Drinking Game From Their School Days The Bridesmaid Not So Accidentally Ruins Her Dress The Bride S Oldest Male Friend Gives An Uncomfortably Caring ToastAnd Then Someone Turns Up Dead Who Didn T Wish The Happy Couple Well And Perhaps Important, Why Atmospheric, locked room remote island , extravagant wedding What else could you ask for This one has the Agatha Christie vibes that mystery lovers crave and I enjoyed every minute reading it My first by this author.The writing, the characters, and the suspense kept me guessing and I was all over the place trying to pinpoint the murderer The wildness of this island was getting under everyone s skin The cliffs, the waves, the sea, that moment.One night, the bride is afraid she won t sleep a wink Is it the upcoming wedding or something else I was on pins and needles than once Characters to love and hate I love a good mystery and this one wowed me Thanks to my Goodreads friend for sharing Highly entertaining.Out May 2020. Lucy Foley follows The Hunting Party with this even hugely entertaining atmospheric murder mystery, a modern take on Agatha Christie, set on the wild and isolated Cormorant Island, off the west coast of Ireland The golden celebrity couple, Julia Jules Keegan, publisher of a successful online magazine, and the handsome Will Slater, rising star of TV show Survival, are getting married in style in front of their friends and family, an exclusive event being organised by wedding planner, Aoife and catered for by her husband, Freddy However, it immediately becomes clear on a dark, wild and stormy wedding night of power cuts that something has gone desperately wrong, and in a narrative that goes back and forth in time, a distraught waitress speaks of seeing a body outside, which has the ushers setting out into the night to find out what has happened.Foley provides the perspectives of a wide host of diverse characters, with their fears, secrets, lies and silences amidst the drink and drug fuelled wedding celebrations over which hang an ominous air of upcoming disaster, a feeling that is enhanced further by the island location with its haunted history, its ghosts of the dead, its treacherous terrain and the approaching storm Jules is worrying about a anonymous note that warns her not to marry Will, her bridesmaid, her sister Olivia, is a fragile self harming wreck The best man, Johnno, is desperate not to lose touch with Will, they have a shared past history that goes back to their school days Hannah is the plus one, married to Charlie, the MC and best friend of the bride, they are a cash strapped couple, determined to make the most of their first opportunity for a long time to be away from their children and their humdrum lives The ushers are a bunch of sneering, entitled, bullying and malicious ex public schoolboys who have never grown up.Foley skilfully reveals the past history of the characters, the grief, the losses, the simmering resentments and jealousies, the guilt, the secrets, the lies, a past that adds up to a bubbling cauldron full of motives to kill, and a present where the chickens of the past have finally come home to roost Foley excels in writing a riveting murder mystery, with the vibrant creation and development of larger than life characters, attending a strife ridden wedding in a location that is just perfect for the darkest of deeds to take place A fabulous crime read that I recommend highly Many thanks to HarperCollins for an ARC. Ahhhh, I had so much fun reading this thriller This is a classic who dunnit mystery, and it all takes place during a wedding on an island in Ireland I love everything about this book the slow burn mystery, the isolated spooky island, and reading form several different POV s.I found this book to be impossible to put down Right away, it creates this creepy spooky eerie vibe on this island, and I was pretty obsessed with the atmosphere of this book This entire book takes place within two days, during a wedding The story mainly takes place the day before the wedding and then it flash forwards we see what happened the night of the wedding when someone is murdered I like that we don t find out who it is that is murdered until nearly the end, I was trying to figure it out the entire book And I love that we follow from the POV from six different characters You d think it would be confusing but it was actually really easy after a while, and I loved all the storylines happening I love that everyone had a motive so you are still trying to figure out who did it There s a storm happening on the island and there are high winds and crashing waves and the power goes in and out, and it just makes for the perfect spooky setting This book honestly kind of reminds me of the movie Knives Out because of how clever and smart and atmospheric it is.I just loved it a whole lot It takes a lot for me to give a thriller five stars but I just had so much fun reading this and I didn t have any issues with it and I devoured this book in less than 24 hours Thanks to Book of the Month for sending this early copy my way Hells to the yes This is the thriller I have been waiting for Lately I admit, thrillers have not been..well thrilling me I have had a problem with them all being, mehThey either are one of these three things1 not really a thriller2 Start out with a bang and then the ending is just..plain ridiculous3 super boring until the last couple of chapters Not this one This one delivered from page one Jules and Will are the couple I love to hate They are gorgeous and they know it Nobody loves Jules and Will than you guessed it Jules and Will Leave it to Jules to insist on dragging her entire wedding party to a remote island She claims it is for privacy, I though wondered if it were some publicity stunt The island has a wicked reputation and sketchy past Ummsounds like a fantastic place for a wedding, right I absolutely loved the creepy atmosphere, I wouldn t have spent one night there no matter how much Jules insisted because she would insist Everything is all about Jules The book revolves around multiple POV s which all are members of the wedding party Yet the author did a superb job of making it really easy to follow along The chapters were clearly labeled for each POV and if you didn t get it, she even had a description wedding planner, etcYesss I loved it Although admittedly I wasn t a huge fan of The Hunting Party, that is clearly not the case here Her previous novel was a bit too slow of a burn for me This one was ON FIRE This book was a super quick read, with short chapters that I flew through in less than 24 hours That is my kind of thriller There were several big twists that I never in a million years saw coming Yet, they weren t insane I knew something was off with each of the characters, yet for the life of me I couldn t figure out what they were hiding Trust me they were hiding alot 4 5 stars You are cordially invited to the wedding of Julia Keegan, owner of a lifestyle magazine and Will Slater, TV star The wedding of the year will take place on Inis Amploir Cormorant Island off the Irish coast A boat will be provided to ferry you to and from the island, though the main wedding party will stay in the luxuriously refurbished Folly It would be wise to take a motion sickness pill prior to boarding the boat as Irish seas can be er unpredictable, so probably best not to wear green or wear vertiginous heels as they could sink into the many peat bogs So a disparate bunch of invitees make their way to the island and despite the intentions of Aoife, the wedding planner and owner of the island, what develops is a nightmarish gathering from hell The pair duly marry but a storm is raging outside and inside, a waitress screams, the lights go out, a few of the guests stumble drunkenly outside to work out what s happening There s the danger of the cliff edge and peat bogs to swallow you up Is someone dead Who What unravels is very atmospheric and tense and towards the end you find you are holding your breathe as you could cut the atmosphere with a knife Literally This slow burning psychological thriller is very well written The account of the events includes five perspectives, Aoife, Jules the bride, Olivia her half sister and bridesmaid, Johnno the best man and Hannah the plus one, married to Charlie the MC The characters are well depicted, some are despicable, there s the odd diva there always is as a wedding , a few botoxed beauties, some likeable characters and the ushers who are a bunch of arrogant, entitled privately educated men who are still school boys, act like pack animals and I want to punch their lights out Which is entirely the point The stand out thing for me is the island and the weather which provides a magnificent, atmospheric backdrop and mirrors the storm brewing among the guests The island has a ghostly feel and has legends which adds an extra dimension and there are some really creepy scenes to match the folklore, not least around the screeching cormorants which are seen as harbingers of death and evil which adds another layer of tension Lucy Foley captures so well how strangers meet at a wedding, all bringing their stories and their baggage and as the night progresses with increased drunkenness, the frenzy of the band, tension rises and erupts volcanically in this wild location The book has everything fans of this genre like tension, revenge, secrets, lies, cowardice, grief, cruelty, the list goes on making this the guest list from Hades Overall, a really well executed, atmospheric, slow burner of a novel At times I felt the pace a little too slow and I couldn t get past my dislike of the ushers so hence 4 5 stars There is a great deal to admire in the writing of this clever novel and I would recommend it to fans of the genre There are things you definitely don t see coming and the end is a genuine surprise which I really like Many thanks to NetGalley and Harper Collins for the ARC. A celebrity wedding between a magazine publisher and a popular TV action man, a best man who knows dark secrets about the groom s past, a fragile bridesmaid, a group of odious ushers who went to private school with the groom and act as if they never left, all on a small windswept island off the Irish coast What could possibly go wrong The Guest List is a suspenseful thriller, starting the day before the wedding as the various members of the wedding party arrive at a newly established resort This is the first wedding for owner and wedding planner, Aoife and her husband Freddy and they are hoping for a successful spread in the bride Julia Keegan s magazine if all goes well The venue, the chapel, the flowers, the music and the catering are all perfect and the bride and groom make a glamorous couple However, they didn t count on the guest list As the night goes on and a massive storm rolls in, long held resentments and tensions build until somebody is killed Who will it be and who did it Told from various points of view of key members of the wedding party, Lucy Foley gradually and skilfully ramps up the tension as long held secrets are revealed The characters are all well depicted with a number of possible suspects The island is also a wonderful creation with it s murderous bogs and deadly cliffs adding to it s gothic charm, making it the perfect location for a wedding that was always going to end badly All making for a deliciously dark thriller With many thanks to Netgalley and Harper Collins Australia for a digital copy to read Everyone has secrets in this who dunnit mystery suspense I read The Hunting Party and loved it, so I couldn t wait to get my hands on Foley s newest thriller There is definitely a similarity between the two and I m not sure which one I liked better Foley is wonderful at transforming a remote setting into the perfect murder sitevery chilling and eerie She also likes to keep it interesting by gathering an ill matched group Like her previous book, this one slowly builds up tension, so by the time you get to the last 10%, you can t read fast enough The secrets and twists that come out in that last bit make the book worth reading.It s narrated in various POV s the main characters in the wedding party Each chapter builds up suspense and leaves you hanging, then goes on to another narrator There were many times when I stayed up reading too late because it was hard to find a good stopping point I won t go into too many specifics You can find those in the book description or other reviews I will say that I found Will s ushers and best man, who were old school mates, to be an interesting bunch Just add a little liquor and drugs and these adult, professional men returned to their boyish antics and shenanigansso typical and realistic The rituals, the male bonding When we get together there s this kind of pack mentality We get carried away My Rating 4 sPublished May 5th 2020 by William Morrow Pages 320Thank you to Edelweiss, William Morrow and Lucy Foley for this digital ARC, in exchange for my honest opinion lucyfoleytweets WmMorrowBooks weisssquad MysteryThriller TheGuestList May2020 The Guest List BOTM April 2020 SelectionIn a sea of mediocre mysteries and thrillers, this one caught my attention and held it through to the explosive ending Lucy Foley writes psychological fiction that isn t flashy, but focuses a quiet power to envelop the reader with strong writing and plotting In my opinion, a good thriller isn t one that has to pull a twist out of somewhere the reader wouldn t expect, but takes the entire cast of characters and makes each look as guilty as the rest, so that by the time the reader reaches the end, it doesn t really matter whodunnit as much as how the author has kept you floundering around for 300 pages in search of the reveal This is precisely what Foley has done with The Guest List, and while it was difficult at first to keep up with the numerous POVs we receive, I was able to keep them straight once the story was going Part Agatha Christie mystery, part Big Little Lies, The Guest List is a book that I felt lightened the burden of current world issues and allowed me to slip into a place that was filled with murder and mayhem instead of viruses and homeschooling Disclaimer I also received a review copy via the publisher. EXCERPT NOW The Wedding Night The lights go out In an instant, everything is in darkness The band stop their playing Inside the marquee the wedding guests squeal and clutch at one another The light from the candles on the tables only adds to the confusion, sends shadows racing up the canvas walls It s impossible to see where anyone is or hear what anyone is saying above the guests voices the wind rises in a frenzy Outside a storm is raging It shrieks around them, it batters the marquee At each assault the whole structure seems to flex and shudder with a loud groaning of metal the guests cower in alarm The doors have come free of their ties and flap at the entrance The flames of the paraffin torches that illuminate the doorway snicker It feels personal, this storm It feels as though it has saved all its fury for them This isn t the first time the electrics have shorted But the last time the lights snapped back on again within minutes The guests returned to their dancing, their drinking, their pill popping, their screwing, their eating, their laughingand forgot it ever happened How long has it been now In the dark it s difficult to tell A few minutes Fifteen Twenty They re beginning to feel afraid This darkness feels somehow ominous, intense As though anything could be happening beneath its cover ABOUT THIS BOOK On an island off the windswept Irish coast, guests gather for the wedding of the year the marriage of Jules Keegan and Will Slater Old friends.Past grudges Happy families.Hidden jealousies Thirteen guests.One body The wedding cake has barely been cut when one of the guests is found dead And as a storm unleashes its fury on the island, everyone is trapped.All have a secret All have a motive.One guest won t leave this wedding alive.MY THOUGHTS The air of menace is palpable from the outset, but we don t find out at whom it is directed until almost the end There is no shortage of possibilities It seems that all the main characters bear a grudge against someone, and all have secrets to hide and protect Most of the characters aren t at all likeable, but the cast is an interesting one The story is told from multiple points of view Jules, the bride, a success in her own right, who is marrying Will, star of a TV survival show Olivia, the bride s sister and only bridesmaid, fragile following her own failed romance Johno, best man, odd man out, serial failure, and friend of the groom from their boarding school days Hannah, the plus one, mother of two and wife of the bride s best friend, Charlie Aoife, wedding planner and venue owner with her partner Freddie Add to this mix the ushers, also Will s friends from boarding school, and the combination becomes even volatile.The story is told over two days, that of the wedding, and the preceding day as the wedding party arrives on the island Lucy Foley has created an incredibly atmospheric setting for her novel There is a whispering cave, a graveyard, a crumbling castle edifice, and a wedding party trapped on an island during a violent storm The secrets are slowly revealed, the suspense teased out as we await the inevitable But who will be the victim And who is the killer A surprising and inventive novel.5 TheGuestList NetGalley THE AUTHOR Lucy Foley studied English Literature at Durham and UCL universities and worked for several years as a fiction editor in the publishing industry, before leaving to write full time The Hunting Party is her debut crime novel, inspired by a particularly remote spot in Scotland that fired her imagination.Lucy is also the author of three historical novels, which have been translated into sixteen languages.DISCLOSURE Thank you to Harper Collins Australia via Netgalley for providing a digital ARC of The Guest List by Lucy Foley for review All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own personal opinions For an explanation of my rating system please refer to my Goodreads.com profile page or the about page on sandysbookaday.wordpress.com This review and others are also published on Twitter, and my webpage

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