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The Ha-Ha The Ha Ha PDF Epub Author Jennifer Dawson Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Winner Of The James Tait Black Memorial Prize A Very Fine First Novel Dawson Writes Very Well, With A Tender Awareness Of The Ironies Of Her Theme And A Poetic Perception Of How Tremulous Is The Distinction Between The Mad World And The Sane Glasgow Herald A Remarkably Talented First Novel Miss Dawson Is Neither Sentimental Nor Sensational Her Heroine Is A Convincing And Sympathetic Character, And When Her Mind Begins To Shift Into The Nightmare Perspective Of Schizophrenia The Writing Creates An Atmosphere Of Quiet Terror Observer Cool, Short, Tender And Occasionally As Prettily Ruthless As The Impact Of A Stiletto Heel Twice As Alarming Because Everything Is Implied Rather Than Explicit Tatler A Cool, Clever, Well Constructed Novel About Smoothly Speaking The Nature Of Reality Miss Dawson Writes Very Well Indeed, With Remarkable Calmness And Detachment B Rilliant Penelope Mortimer, Sunday Times A Little Masterpiece Bookman A Novel About Madness Which Succeeds Completely Daily Telegraph I Wanted The Knack Of Existing I Did Not Know The Rules So Says Josephine, The Heroine Of Jennifer Dawson S Remarkable Novel, An Exploration Of A Young Woman S Mental Illness That Met With Universal Critical Acclaim And Won The James Tait Black Memorial Prize As The Best Novel Of The Year After Suffering A Breakdown Following The Death Of Her Mother, Josephine Finds Herself Confined To An Institution Where Patients Are Treated By Such Means As Electroshock Therapy And Lobotomies But When She Falls In Love With Alasdair, A Fellow Patient She Meets On The Grassy Bank Of The Ha Ha, She Decides That Her Recovery Will Be On Her Own Defiant Terms Inspired By The Author S Personal Experiences, The Ha Ha 1961 Remains A Moving And Powerful Examination Of Mental Illness And The Treatment Of Those Who Suffer From It This New Edition Includes An Afterword By The Author And An Introduction By John Sutherland.

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    4.5 stars I must admit that Jennifer Dawson wasn t a novelist who was really on my radar but thanks to virago here we are She should have been on my radar as she writes about mental health and this, h

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    I will swim back silently, I thought, as though I had never been absent Fish out of water and the land is looking out the hole to see yourself looking into the same airless window May I have a glass of wat

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    This book leaves a lasting impression it was over 20 years ago that I read it and I can still recall the experience of being drawn into a different head space as the narrative unfolded and presented the outlook

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here What, is a Ha Ha a trench that allows an unobstructed view while maintaing a physical barrier in one direction , an ungulate a hooved m

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    This short novel relates the experience of a young woman, Josephine Traughton, during her recovery from a mental breakdown The action takes place in a mental institution in and around the English countryside he during th

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    This was a winner of the James Tait Memorial Prize when it came out as Dawson s debut novel in the sixties Drawing on her own experience of a brief spell in a mental institution her story is told through the person of an inma

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    Not what I expected I thought this book would describe the characters mental illnessI read it all at once hoping that I would get to a really good part but I didn t.

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    I have re read this novel which I can see I bought back in 1964.The story is told by a young woman called Josephine who is incarcerated in a mental hospital Were not informed exactly how she ended there but she has had some sort of psy

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    They were all very kind at Oxford, I assured her, for she had seemed to think they were not No one shunned me or ripped my stockings or took my bicycle on loan So, said the Sister nodding as she slid the enormous bundle of silver keys into

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    About a British college girl with schizophrenia Very well done, published in 1960s.

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