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The Hound of Ulster This Saga Of The Irish Celts Is Re Told By Rosemary Sutcliff With A Magical Weaving Together Of Passion And Poetry The Boy Who Takes Up The Spear And Shield Of Manhood On This Day Will Become The Most Renowned Of All The Warriors Of Ireland, Men Will Follow At His Call To The World S End, And His Enemies Will Shudder At The Thunder Of His Chariot Wheels So The Prophecy Went, And As The Boy Cuchulain Heard It, He Went Forward To Claim The Weapons Of His Manhood This Is The Story Of How He Became The Greatest Of Heroes The Hound Of Ulster.

About the Author: Rosemary Sutcliff

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Hound of Ulster book, this is one of the most wanted Rosemary Sutcliff author readers around the world.

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    Reading Sutcliff s forward is, I think, necessary for a full adult understanding of the tale she s retelling Cuchulain was my favorite of the Irish hero legends fairy stories as a child, and in the intervening time I really haven t read anything about them So rediscovering the story, so well written, was fascinating Not to put too fine a p...

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    I think it s worth bearing in mind that this book reads very much like a retelling and not like a historical fiction novel As such, I m perhaps a little too close to the subject to fully enjoy it I study medieval lit for a living Like with Sutcliff s other books, I adored the way the author does her best to stay f...

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    Mythic and moving

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    I believe I had probably read this book before, when I was very young However, it s possible that I d read a different re telling of these stories The Hound of Ulster is Cuchulain, the legendary Irish hero, who, when his battle rage was upon him, was undefeatable.It collects the different tales of Cuchulain, and strings them together into a narrative, much like Howard Pyle s tales of King Arthur.The language is quite traditional, without using the technique of fl

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    Growing up you are surrounded by the myths and legends of the country, Cuchulain happened to be one of my favourites, so finding myself completely bored by this was disappointing There felt no life in the stories, no heart These tales were originally oral And I would suggest that maybe they need to remain so, in order to get the true beauty of the saga But that said, what is literature if it can t make a story epic The Hound of Ulster just felt like a vague recount of a

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    I read this to gain some knowledge about Irish folklore, since I m going there this summer woo This is an accessible, entertaining retelling of the Cu Chulainn myth I was surprised how many female characters there were here not just as love interests though there were plenty of those , but as queens, antagonists, warriors, leaders, and so on And as someone who s familiar with Arthurian myths but not Irish ones, it was interesting how some stories the beheading challenge, like

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    I d actually prefer to be able to give this one 2.5 stars I had no idea what it was about when I picked it up, but it was Sutcliff and I hadn t read it Actually, it s a recounting of a mythological Irish hero, sort like a Celtic King Arthur Although not really that similar in storyline Being a Celtic legend, the sto...

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    The story of Cuchulain a renowned warrior and legend of early Ireland, the Hound of Ulster This tale encompasses his early life, loves and battles up until his death It s a rousing tale filled with chivalry, courage and honor but it is also savage and blood thirsty...

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    A haunting tale that lives with me 15 years later and that I have re read numerous times.I don t know if a book has resonated with me as much before or since.This book is a must for anyone from Ulster o...

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    A very emotional retelling Sutcliff managed to make Cuchulain a lotlikeable than he is in the original stories, which was interesting She also made him evengay for Ferdia, which I didn t think was possible.

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