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The Kissing Booth Meet Rochelle Evans Pretty, Popular And Never Been Kissed Meet Noah Flynn Badass, Volatile And A Total Player And Also Elle S Best Friend S Older Brother When Elle Decides To Run A Kissing Booth For The School S Spring Carnival, She Locks Lips With Noah And Her Life Is Turned Upside Down Her Head Says To Keep Away, But Her Heart Wants To Draw Closer This Romance Seems Far From Fairy Tale And Headed For Heartbreak But Will Elle Get Her Happily Ever After

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    iBooks was promoting this one as a fun new YA book so I picked it up Couldn t even finish it, it was that bad The girls chirped all the time, the guys smirked and threw punches, and there were typos all over the place Not to mention, the author set the book in California but is clearly British hers

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    I haven t actually finished this book, but right now, I m about to give up on it Considering it s a Wattpad story, I m not really surprised Don t get me wrong, for a story originally posted on a site like WattPad, this is good, and I m not surprised at the number of readers that it has on that site HOWE

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    Review to follow. sorry guys,still busy.

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    This book was picked up by Random House after the popularity of it on Wattpad caught their attention Beth Reekles lives in the UK and is seventeen years old This is her debut novel And, well, it could have been good.The story centers around Rochelle Evans She s a popular girl but hasn t really been on dates, most

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    This isof a 3.5 than a 3.This book was pretty sweet.I d recommend this book to younger teens It s the kind of story I would have lapped up when I was thirteen and fourteen, very fluffy and girly.I certainly got exasperated at points I couldn t understand why she or anyone wanted to be with Noah he was definitely a bul

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    I read this a few months ago, when it was already completed Therefore, I didn t have to endure the suffering of waiting for the author to update.Wattpad has offered me a lot of stories to read in fact, some of those I ve read have been published I m surprised to find The Kissing Booth on Goodreads I m not sure why , but it

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    This book was pretty terrible For many reasons.For brevity s sake, I will limit my review to one main reason it was terrible it was written by a 17 year old girl The writing was ok I m being generous, because she is after all 17 The main problem is a 17 year old girl can t write realistic fiction realistically The author writes

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    I really did find this a fast, sweet romance What kind of made me only give it 3 stars was how young the MC, Elle, was, and how she was doing things no 16 year old should She was at parties until 2 in the morning, drinking, jumping up on tables and dancing in front of intoxicated boys, and having sex Dude, I m 17, and I can t imagin

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    Well yay, that sucked Let me go look in the mirror to make sure I didn t pull all my hair out..I m exaggerating, of course It wasn t really bad, I just didn t really like it.It wasor less flat and not too creative everything was fine up until the actual kissing booth scene and then everything went steadily downhill from there as I lost m

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    Reading all the other reviews for this book I am quite shocked as to wonder why people have rated it so poorly The Kissing Booth was an easy read novel which I easily finished in a day It is about a 16 year old girl named Rochelle, she also goes by the name Elle or Shelly Rochelle her best friend Lee have to come up with an idea for their boo

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