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The Last Vampire Not spectacular, but a fairly decent vampire tale Andre has been imprisoned in a cave in Texas for decades but the military has recovered his body and has used his DNA to genetically enhance an elite team of soldiers When a voodoo priestess finds out about his through her boyfriend a member of the special ops team she callously uses her boyfriend to free the vampire and bind him to her so that she can use him to cure her beloved brother of leukemia Anyone could have told her that the ends do not justify the means and the story proceeds accordingly, to no one s surprise The one unique thing about this b I just couldn t sink my teeth into this one I could not make myself believe that a vampire could somehow become by alchemy just couldn t swallow that one And why would you extract dna from a mummified vampire and inject it into so This is pretty cliched Ancient vampire found in a cave is brought back to life by scientists stumbling around with it, creating super soldiers The side effects aren t great Captain Scott Boulder is the leader of this special ops team, un I kept flip flopping on whether I liked this book or not It seemed really generic at times, but at others showed flashes of being something a little special In the end, not enough special to outweigh The plot was good, but the writing left something to be desired Too much second guessing everything and too much I won t let that happen again statements I know that I shouted a couple of times, Get on with the story I will not be reading the second book in the series, nor any others. The main character of this novel is Captain Scott Boulder, of the military s elite Team Ultra Do I need to say It actually kept my interest for the first half until I basically guessed the rest of the book I wouldn t recommend it. Interesting concept, disappointing delivery. Read The Last Vampire Patricia Rosemoor Spawned Of Alchemy And Blood, He Was The Last Of A Brutal, Ancient Line Now He Has Just Been Reborn.Deep In A Texas Cave, The Military Unearths A Five Hundred Year Old Corpse, Its Desiccated Flesh Teeming With Mysterious DNA That Can Transform Mortals Into Beings Of Unimaginable Power Captain Scott Boulder, Leader Of A Black Ops Unit That Has Been Endowed With These Superhuman Abilities, Is Among The First To Benefit From The Find But When, With The Help Of A Voodoo Priestess, The Creature Is Conjured To Life, Unleashing An Ancient Evil Bent On Reinstating Its Poisonous Kind On Earth, Scott Knows He Must Return The Monster To The Grave But This Is No Ordinary Vampire Once A Brutal Torturer In The Spanish Inquisition, It Can Bend The Laws Of Science And Magic In Horrifying New Ways.Powerless To Fight This Evil Alone, Scott Grudgingly Seeks The Aid Of Reclusive Anthropologist Leah Maguire, An Expert In The Mystical Rituals Of The Past To Keep Humanity From Entering A New Dark Age, Scott And Leah Will Battle Unspeakable Horrors And Will Sacrifice Everything They Hold Dear Perhaps Even Their Own Humanity To Destroy The Last Vampire. Interesting premise, but the story moved too slow Overall, I wanted to like it and, though I tried to finish it, I simply lost interest. An OK supernatural book with a strong treatise on the value of family Reads like they really want there to be a sequel Oh wait, they published it 6 months later in which I have no interest.

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