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The Long, Hot Texas Summer (McCabe Homecoming #2) Justin and Amanda are unexpectedly thrown together to start a ranch for boys with social service needs As they work on the ranch, a spark develops, and they spend the rest of the book exploring their chemistry together That, and working on getting the ranch ready to open on time This book was predictable and the characters were underdeveloped But the plot was cute, Justin and Amanda were likeable and beautiful, of course , and the writing was good All in all, The Long, Ho 3 STARSWhen they say hot it is not the outside temperatures they are talking about only There are a lot of love scenes that I skipped over I really like the characters Most of them have been hurt and are protecting themselves from further hurting Slowly they start trusting each other.Justin McCabe has the idea that he wants to start a boys ranch for troubled teens He wants a safe place so they can get their act together with people caring about them He uses his own money but that is not enough, so he is applying for grants, setting up a board, getting all the permits ect Justin wants to run the ranch too but his board does not think he can connect to the troubled teens, because he has always been a good boy from a good home.Amanda Johnson is a gorgeous tall blond carpenter She surprises Justin when she shows up at the ranch in her truck and trailer to work She is not what he expects Amanda thinks the boys ranch is a good idea She was a troubled child with so much anger until she was taken away from her parents different homes and given to her grandparents to raise Her grandparents had rules taught her to cook and carpenter skills that she learned besides them.Before the Ranch is ready to open his brother Colt McCabe the deputy sheriff and the case worker Mitzy Martin for the ranch bring out a teen Lamar Atkins who is in a lot of trouble He needs to work off a lot of community service hours He is go Read The Long, Hot Texas Summer McCabe Homecoming 2 Cathy Gillen Thacker Horsebackridinggeorgia.us Heating Up In Texas When Justin McCabe Hires A Master Carpenter To Help Build His Ranch For Troubled Teens, Tall, Gorgeous Blonde Amanda Johnson Isn T Quite What He D Imagined But Not Only Can She Do The Job, She Has A Thing Or Two To Teach Him About Judging By Appearances And, Important, She Has A Knack For Reaching The Kind Of Kid Justin Wants To Help Amanda Hadn T Counted On Her New Boss All Strapping Six Foot Five Of Him Being So Utterly Irresistible Working Side By Side Under The Scorching Texas Sun, The Two Of Them Make A Great Team In Every Way Possible The Heat Of Summer Is No Match For The Sizzle They Generate Whenever They Re Together But When A Crisis Forces Amanda To Face Her Past, She Ll Need To Make A Heart Wrenching Decision About Her Futurewhether Justin Is In It Or Not. Good book Justin is building a ranch for troubled teens He s doing very well except for the carpentry which is kicking his butt He hires a master carpenter to help and is surprised when that turns out to be a tall beautiful woman He s immediately attracted but the ranch is the most important thing When they are also asked to supervise a teen s community service hours he also discovers she has a great ability to relate to troubled teens The two of them make a great team both on and off the job.Justin gave up a successful career to start this ranch He had had a chance to help another teen and it hadn t turned out well which motivated him to do this He is on a tight schedule to get everything done and knows he needs carpentry help Amanda s arrival is a surprise to him but they quickly arrive at an agreement on her duties Justin is attracted to her but accepts that the job comes first Lamar s arrival gives him the chance to get a head start on his work with the teens but he soon finds himself having trouble with him Justin is somewhat dismayed to find that Amanda has no trouble with Lamar but realizes that having Amanda there is a benefit I really like Justin s determin The Long, Hot Texas Summer by Cathy Gillen Thacker This book was given to me from Netgalley for an honest review I found this book to be lighthearted and sweet Even though it dealt with a couple of heavy issues it was still a light happy read Here we have Amanda who is surprisingly a beautiful carpenter with a heart of gold She is so strong willed and says what ever comes to mind, she doesn t seem to let anyone hold her down Well except for maybe herself I hated to see that she thought so little of herself and had such low self esteem Then in walks a tall cool drink of water that is surely needed on a hot Texas day, Justin Whooo what woman doesn t love her a stubborn strong willed man But little do we know he is hiding some insecurities also He hired her to do the carpentry work for his up and coming boys ranch He has a hope to bring light to some troubled boys lives and little doe 3.5 Stars The Long, Hot Texas Summer is the 2nd book in the McCabe Homecoming series by Cathy Gillen Thacker To be fair, I didn t read the 1st book in this series, but I don t think it affected this story at all I never felt like I was missing something.Justin McCabe has taken on a pretty ambitious project He s building a ranch for troubled teens His goal is to have somewhere for these teens to escape to and gain the confidence they may not have originally gotten where they are at now It takes a lot of work and Justin knows he can t do it alone, especially when it comes to the carpentry He s good at everything he does, but the carpentry is giving him than a little bit of trouble Hiring a carpenter will definitely make his life easier But, he had no idea how much easier until Amanda shows up to change his life forever.Amanda Johnson is used to be mistaken for a guy, at least on the computer, that is As one of the master carpenters in her grandfather s business she was tired of being requested by men who wanted to ogle her or worse So, the pictures of the carpenters came down off the website and her name was listed as A.G instead of Amanda So, it was no surprise to her when Justin was expecting a man to Why did I read this book The cover DUHH I mean HELLOO hottie I used to read Harlequin all the time and I loved the books they put out so I m kinda not sure why I quit reading the brand but anywho, Justin that boy is F I N E, once you get set up there, Amanda, I d be happy to take you to dinner I mean he may be a little full of himself but damn his looks sure make up for it There is a lot of sexual tension between these two, still Justin paused to look over her lazily, head to toe You connected with him a lot than I did He followed you around like a lost puppy He s the type of m This novel is from the McCabe Homecoming series, and I have not read anything else from the series The Long, Hot Texas Summer stands alone just fine, but I will seek out other books in the series based on the author s writing skill demonstrated in this romance The premise was goo, it a bit predictable The pacing was even and the story well plotted LHTS was a character When I read a category romance in one go, you know it s a goodie This has Justin McCabe going about building a ranch for teenage boys who need help He hires a carpenter, and is surprised when said carpenter turns out to be a woman There s an immediate attraction between them They end up taking in a troubled teen, Lamar Atkins, who is to fulfill his community service obligations helping out on the ranch As a result of selfish parents who found her to be a burden, Amanda lives a somewhat nomadic existence, fearful of getting kicked out of a place she loves She must overcome this to find her home with Justin.I enjoy an angsty romance as much as the next reader, but I also love the heartwarming ones And Justin was my type of romance hero Smart, big hearted and six feet five tall The connection they both develop with Lamar added an extra dimension to the heart of the I ve never read anything by this author before and boy was I taken by surprise This book was a major disappointment The cover and title are excellent and really drew me in, so I requested this book The title and cover are completely misleading.This book is boring, inconsistent, confusing and full of instalove In the beginning Justin and Amanda meet at the ranch She is this super hot, long legged, smart, talented in many areas, carpenter that comes to work on his ranch Justin wants to start a boys ranch for troubled teen boys While, Justin s actions are admirable, the writing and description of his accounts are BORING The author forgot she was writing a romance novel and instead went off on what Justin s plans were, what Amanda was doing and then Thacker adds to the mix a trouble teen abandoned by his parents My first issue started with Amanda being this supposed brilliant cook She made German style potato salad in a freakin trailer Oh and the trailers kitchen was supposedly decked out and super stocked with all these fancy appliances OK Super unlikely Has anyone ever made authentic German potato salad It is a freakin process and I hate to say, stupid if one was to attempt it in a trailer Secondly, Amanda is super aware and on top of what Lamar, the teen, needs She s perfectly flawed She comes from a broken home and easily related to Lamar who is a troubled teen that acts out, etc etc Thacker s writing was confusing a

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