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The Long Ships Frans Gunnar Bengtsson S The Long Ships Resurrects The Fantastic World Of The Tenth Century AD When The Vikings Roamed And Rampaged From The Northern Fastnesses Of Scandinavia Down To The Mediterranean Bengtsson S Hero, Red Orm Canny, Courageous, And Above All Lucky Is Only A Boy When He Is Abducted From His Danish Home By The Vikings And Made To Take His Place At The Oars Of Their Dragon Prowed Ships Orm Is Then Captured By The Moors In Spain, Where He Is Initiated Into The Pleasures Of The Senses And Fights For The Caliph Of Cordova Escaping From Captivity, Orm Washes Up In Ireland, Where He Marvels At Those Epicene Creatures, The Christian Monks, And From Which He Then Moves On To Play An Ever Important Part In The Intrigues Of The Various Scandinavian Kings And Clans And Dependencies Eventually, Orm Contributes To The Viking Defeat Of The Army Of The King Of England And Returns Home An Off The Cuff Christian And A Very Rich Man, Though Back On His Native Turf New Trials And Tribulations Will Test His Cunning And Determination Packed With Pitched Battles And Blood Feuds And Told Throughout With Wit And High Spirits, Bengtsson S Book Is A Splendid Adventure That Features One Of The Most Unexpectedly Winning Heroes In Modern Fiction Nyrb

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    His voice became frenzied, and he glared wrathfully from one to the other, brandishing his arms and crying Blood wolves, murderers and malefactors, adulterated vermin, Gadarene swine, weeds of Satan and minions of Beelzebub, generation of vipers and basilisks, shall you be cleansed by holy baptism an

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    At the end of the dark tenth century , Vikings and their ancient customs were changing rapidly, the bold men, sea pirates and land raiders didn t recognize it, that was a fatal mistake, the harsh climate of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, even distant Iceland, slowly becoming nations did not make illiterate peasan

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    In just a minute I ll be trying my hardest to sell you Goodreading friends on this sensational Viking experience Before that, though, seeing as how I m foaming over with excitement and appreciation, I have multiple people to thank First, to the author I know that you re dead, but believe you must be sitting at the right

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    Brilliant comic novel about life in Viking Sweden Those Vikings were real tough dudes My favorite bit is the sequence with Orm s first captain, who has a run of bad luck and ends up being captured and sold into slavery The overseer knows he used to be a big guy and takes special delight in tormenting him, but the former captain w

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    This year my reading has been, to a great extent, directed by my travels or visits These also account for my irregular presence in GR I have been either on the go, or involved with other projects related to the travels.As one of my upcoming trips is to the South of Spain, to Andalusia, I have been reading about the Muslim and medieval time

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    This is the most laughs I ve got out of a book dealing with pillaging, raping, burning, slaving at a galley s oar, duels to the death, wars at sea or on land The fun starts from the very first chapter where it is dryly suggested that the reason the Northmen were so fond of going a viking to the ends of the known world every spring was to escape the

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    Orm, the son of Toste, did not choose to be a viking, but Fate sent him on a path towards raiding, plunder, slavery, war and the pursuit of a princess Orm s luck was best.. For man can triumph over man, and weapon over weapon against the gods we can pit sacrifice, and against witchcraft, contrary magic but against bad luck no man has anything to oppose Taken

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    The Long Ships An entertaining historical fiction adventure tale featuring badass Vikings doing badass Viking things Overall, this was a fast, fun, often exciting read, filled with a surprising amount of historically accurate details and dry humor.

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    A five hundred page novel about Vikings set in the year 1000 Sure, why not This book has gotbooty than a Sir Mix a Lot video rimshot Of course, I mean old school booty, as in creaky wooden chests filled with gold coins and jewel encrusted amulets Red Orm is our hero, a strangely lovable barbarian who begins the novel as a pubescent naif and ends it as a wealthy chieftain Oops, s

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    Swiftly moving, endlessly entertaining, and brimming with historically accurate 10th century flavor, this recounts in Norse saga fashion the adventures of Orm Tostesson aka Red Orm , beginning with his capture as a young lad by Vikings, where, initially taken as a slave, he quickly proves his mettle and is initiated into the group as one of their own, and is eventually elected chieftain T

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