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The Lost Apothecary In This Addictive And Spectacularly Imagined Debut, A Female Apothecary Secretly Dispenses Poisons To Liberate Women From The Men Who Have Wronged Them Setting Three Lives Across Centuries On A Dangerous Collision CourseRule The Poison Must Never Be Used To Harm Another WomanRule The Names Of The Murderer And Her Victim Must Be Recorded In The Apothecary S RegisterOne Cold February Evening In , At The Back Of A Dark London Alley In A Hidden Apothecary Shop, Nella Awaits Her Newest Customer Once A Respected Healer, Nella Now Uses Her Knowledge For A Darker Purpose Selling Well Disguised Poisons To Desperate Women Who Would Kill To Be Free Of The Men In Their Lives But When Her New Patron Turns Out To Be A Precocious Twelve Year Old Named Eliza Fanning, An Unexpected Friendship Sets In Motion A String Of Events That Jeopardizes Nella S World And Threatens To Expose The Many Women Whose Names Are Written In Her RegisterIn Present Day London, Aspiring Historian Caroline Parcewell Spends Her Tenth Wedding Anniversary Alone, Reeling From The Discovery Of Her Husband S Infidelity When She Finds An Old Apothecary Vial Near The River Thames, She Can T Resist Investigating, Only To Realize She S Found A Link To The Unsolved Apothecary Murders That Haunted London Over Two Centuries Ago As She Deepens Her Search, Caroline S Life Collides With Nella S And Eliza S In A Stunning Twist Of Fate And Not Everyone Will SurviveWith Crackling Suspense, Unforgettable Characters And Searing Insight, The Lost Apothecary Is A Subversive And Intoxicating Exploration Of Women Rebelling Against A Man S World, The Destructive Force Of Revenge And The Remarkable Ways That Women Can Save Each Other Despite The Barrier Of Time

About the Author: Sarah Penner

My debut novel, The Lost Apothecary, will be hitting bookshelves in the US, UK, Canada 11 international territories on March 2, 2021 Park Row Books HarperCollins

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    An avenger female who can concoct poisonous formulas to help you get rid of man trouble This hell of an outstanding synopsis idea put this book on my radar To the attention of the abusers, cheaters, bullies and most disgusting human wastes who treat the women like doormats you should beware because there is an intellige

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    This was such an engrossing and fascinating read for me, encompassing the wonderful pastime of mudlarking coupled with a dual story line this had me gripped from page one till the very end.Caroline is a young woman anticipating the near day when she and her husband James will fly to London to make plans for their future and c

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    Sarah Penner kept me guessing until the last page of this addictive, atmospheric novel about an apothecary, who concocts poisons to help women exact revenge on men who have betrayed them, and the woman who uncovers her secrets over 200 years later Meticulously researched, The Lost Apothecary is both a cure for idleness and a recipe

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    Few stories take less than a page to lock me in their grasp, but The Lost Apothecary was certainly one of the few I was taken instantly into the depths of 18th Century London, and I mean the depths, to discover a woman who chooses a dangerous path not for her own benefit, but because of her own pain, and with an unsolicited assistant ami

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    Thank you, first off, for approving me for this drc digital arc Edelweiss and publisher I LOVE an original, surprising read, the kind of book where you go in with limited expectations and are simply blown away I was impressed with the development of the story, the characters, the storyline, and the amount of research I just know that this requ

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    I absolutely loved this book The dual timelines intertwined beautifully and I loved the main characters The characters were relatable The mystery mixed with a little bit of romance kept me guessing and turning the pages There was never a dull moment in the book I dislike novels where you are told well just get through the first half and then it gets

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    Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo That cover is SO PRETTY LOVE PURPLE Adding this to my TBR as the synopsis sounds very interesting and that cover is gorgeous LOVE IT Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo That cover is SO PRETTY LOVE PURPLE Adding this to my TBR as the synopsis sounds very interesting and that cover is gorgeous LOVE IT

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    Eliza, Nella and Caroline three different women, three different storylines that converge in dramatic, can t put your book down, ways The Lost Apothecary starts off in 18th century London, set along the cobble stone streets of a hidden apothecary shop, where owner Nella creates concoctions for women wishing to fulfill dark desires As we dive further into the bo

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    I could not put this book down From the very first paragraph I was hooked There s a perfect balance of mystery, relationships, adventure and historic wonder The two interwoven timelines from the perspective of each main female character flow together with such a perfect, natural parallel and leave you on the edge of your seat, so hungry for the next big reveal that i

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    I couldn t wait to get home, sit down, and get BACK to this story There is a constant thread of what s going to happen next and the feeling that any of us can have an adventure, if only we press onward, DECIDE to live, and look for a mystery to be solved.Penner writes with bravado and a deep sense of character Her plotting is spot on and she serves up one hell of a story T

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